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Because tomorrow isn’t promised

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Dear Darlings,


I love you.

That, you already know.

But because tomorrow isn’t promised, I want to tell you this today—

Life can be tough. But, oh so sweet.

You will be told that everything is either black or white. Right or wrong. But life, real life, is learning how to navigate the grey.

Money isn’t everything. In fact, it isn’t even real. True wealth comes in the form of friendships, health, and happiness.

Know that everyone is scared of something. So don’t waste your time being scared of anyone.

You’ll learn that sometimes, the monsters you need to be the most afraid of, aren’t the ones under your bed. Sometimes, the scariest monsters of all, can be living inside of you.

That the word “love” can never be big enough to hold the weight of what I feel for you. And that this will only be understood when you have children of your own.

People will try to tell you what to do. And who to be. But the only voice you need to listen to is the one inside. And if you close your eyes, and drown out the world, you will hear it.

Most of the time, the right choice won’t be clear. You’ll have to take a leap. Follow your gut. Say a prayer.

You will make mistakes. But you will also make memories. So don’t bother with regret.

And lastly, know this—

When my time comes, when my journey here ends.

I will search for you.

My darlings, I will search for you.

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