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Challenge: Open Discussion

Be the mom who straightens another mom's tiara instead of knocking it off her head

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It happens repeatedly—moms being judgmental or flat out mean to other moms. It happens at the playground. It happens in the aisles of the grocery store. It happens in the student pick up car line.

We're all stressed. We're all rushing to get somewhere or get something done. But why is it instead of lifting each other up, it's often women who are pushing other women down? The put-downs go something like this:

"Oh my God, did you see what she was wearing at the class picnic?"

"Can you believe she feeds her kid non-organic chicken fingers?"

"How does her husband deal with her working all the time? He must get so sick of watching the kids!"

Here's a parenting tip. How about letting other moms out there just be. Let them be the mothers they can be and need to be at this very moment. Our lives are ever-changing and constantly in motion. We're making and breaking play dates in the blink of any eye. Life happens. Plans change. It's wrong to judge other mothers who can't get it together today and keep it together. Maybe today is just not her day.

Does it make us a better mom by making another mom feel like she's doing a terrible job? The answer is a hard no.

Life is tough enough. When you see a fellow mom out there who looks like she's cried her eyeliner off and is having a tough day, give her a hand. And if she doesn't want or need a hand, give her a smile. Let her know she's doing a great job today. You might be the only person that can do that for her today. Pay it forward. Because tomorrow, that mom who's having the tough day could totally be you. What will your legacy be? Will you knock that tiara off her head or will you straighten it out for her without expecting anything in return?

The choice is obvious.

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