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Challenge: Open Discussion

Be Better Than Your Neighbor

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It’s been there a while now, this anger, everywhere we turn.

We see it on the internet and in our neighborhoods.

There’s a lot of hurt and fear.

We’ve seen people mean to cashiers, other drivers, and those same people are probably irrationally angry at their toaster if their bagel’s burnt.

Fear and overwhelm can bring out the worst in people

making it easy to lash out.

When there's more than we can handle going into our brains and bodies, it's hard for us to be the best versions of ourselves.

Now that we established why someone might be on edge,

I’m challenging you to be better.

Even if you must grit your teeth to remain silent—

be better.

When your family is taking a walk outside in your neighborhood without masks on, and your neighbor comes yelling at you with his cell phone, snapping pictures, and calling you socially irresponsible. You may want to lash back.


be better…

Explain your side of things and be understanding of his panic. Please don't post pictures on a public group shaming him. Please don’t engage in a screaming match. Privately deal with the situation in the kindest way possible.

When the world’s handing you an abundance of bad,

maybe your friend is sick with covid, and your mom is struggling with her mental health.

Maybe you feel like you're drowning, and if you see another clean shirt thrown in the laundry, that will be your tipping point.

Maybe your kids are acting out.

And you feel like lashing out,

and sometimes on the people, you're quarantined with, the ones you love most.


be better…

Take a deep breath. Find some you time. Do what you need to do to get in a better headspace without acting irrationally.

Be the person who makes the bad days better, and the good days better.

Be the person who treats the world better than it treats you.

Be the person who chooses to be better.

Because love breeds love.

Kindness breeds kindness.

And we need more of this right now.

It may be easier for some people than others,

but it’s always a choice.

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