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Challenge: Life Changes

Authenticity is everything!

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As a parent, I've found that I love more deeply, hurt more deeply, enjoy life more fully and scare more easily. Everything that I participate in - as a woman, mom, sister, wife and daughter - is more meaningful. I've decided that living life fully is living it authentically. This means knowing what works for me and what doesn't, and standing by that even when it's not best for "you". After years of being the "yes" mom or "I can do that", I know now when to really dive in and when to sit it out. No matter what my choice, I can stand by it and know that it truly represents who I am and what I want to stand for.

I do this because I am always and forever modeling for my two daughters. I want them to see that their first priority is and should always be, themselves. If I can't live authentically, and teach them how to do this, how can I expect them to do it when they one day go out on their own? My voice, my actions, my beliefs..they are watching it all. My authenticity will teach them to honor their own voices in all situations, use their actions to be the best they can be, and believe in themselves, always.


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