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Challenge: NICU Parenting

Ariannah 2lbs. 2.6oz. NICU Days

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My husband and I already have 3 beautiful, healthy kids, who are now 16, 14, & 10. They were all 8lb + babies when born, full term. I was on the Depo-shot and we weren't trying to get pregnant. But a blessing was about to happen to us and we were not expecting it. I found out I was pregnant and was due 10/15/2016. I was considered a high risk pregnancy, because I had high blood pressure and my age, 37. Around the end of the July 2016, I developed Pre-eclampsia. On my husband and I 20th anniversary, 7/28/2016 I was admitted into the hospital because they were concerned it could turn into Eclampsia. They wanted to try and keep her in the womb as long as possible to grow. But my blood pressure wasn't going down and turned into Eclampsia stage. So on 7/31/2016, the doctors came into our room and said "You guys ready to have a baby?" They had the NICU team come and talk to us and explain what will happen and if we had any questions. I didn't know where to begin with questions, I was already an emotional wreck. I looked at my husband and said, well since your birthday is 8/1, I can't make you a cake, but I can give you a baby, lol. So they started the inducing and Ariannah Brie Cooper arrived on 8/2/2016 at 3:45am, 29 weeks, weighing 2lbs 2.6oz. She didn't want to share a day with her daddy, she wanted a day all to herself. She came out screaming and crying, which meant her lungs were good. My husband cut the cord and they took her away quickly to get her set up in NICU. Shortly after that, all I remember is that my room was filled with doctors calling my name. I apparently went out 3 times and turned pale white, like the sheet I was on. They said it was from the E-Clamsia that kicked in. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days while our daughter was in NICU. It was so hard being on the mom and baby floor, hearing other baby's cry and be with their moms, but I couldn't have mine with me. When I was wheeled up to NICU to see her, I remember seeing this tiny, tiny baby wrapped up inside this heating bed with tubes everywhere. I was able to put my hand through a hole on the side and laid my hand on her little body. I was so emotional and confused. I didn't want to leave there without taking our baby with us. Days went on and everyday, multiple times a day, I went to the NICU to spend time with her and help with diaper changes, temps, etc. My husband was so scared to touch her at first, because she was so tiny. We never had a baby so small, we were use to big babies. We had our ups and downs in NICU. Ariannah spent a total of 63 days in NICU. Finally the day came for the car seat test and she PASSED! FINALLY we were able to take our baby home. We were so nervous, because we didn't have doctors with us, it was just us and this new tiny baby coming home with us. Time went on and she is now 15mo and strong and healthy! She is truly a fighter and we are blessed to have her in our lives!


She was reaching for daddy & mommy


She never liked having the C-PAP on


Doing her morning stretches =)

Daddy & Daughter

Sound asleep in daddy's arms


Skin contact time with mommy


She is a healthy 15mo and loves her air plane!


She isn't to sure about riding in this cart ;)

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