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Areas To Focus On To Be The Best Example Possible For Our Children

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As parents our number one job is to raise the best and healthiest children possible. The facts are that parents are looked at as the main example for behavior for children. Whether you think that your child is modeling your behavior or not, most likely they are doing it daily. When children of all ages are in a new situation they tend to decide or act the way that you would in that situation. This can be comforting unless you do not set a great example at home for your small children as well as teens. The following are areas to tighten up in order to give your child a shining example of how they should act in a variety of areas of their life.

Accountability in Everything You Do

Far too many people in today’s society do not take accountability for their actions and would rather blame someone else for their mistake or laziness. Taking ownership of everything that you do is important as taking accountability will help you improve as a person day after day. If your child is getting poor grades due to not paying attention in class or missing out on assignments due to laziness. Stress that the teacher is not doing a poor job but rather your child or teen simply needs to put more focus on school.

Treatment of Other People

Children and teens watch the way that we interact with other people. The best example of this is the way that you treat someone serving you at a restaurant. If you treat them poorly this will lead your teen to think this is acceptable and this behavior will continue. A good judge of someone’s true character is the way that they treat people who are working for them or performing some kind of service for them. Simply because you are paying a person to do something does not mean that they shouldn’t be allotted common courtesy.

Cutting Out Vices For Healthy Alternatives

Drinking and smoking are vices that can be passed down to your children. It can be hard to tell an 18 year old not to smoke cigarettes when you are smoking a pack a day. The same goes with alcohol as preaching responsible drinking will not work if your teens continually see you drunk on a weekly basis. While alcohol does not have an alternative smoking does as using a vape has become much more prevalent. Nutrient inhalation is a good alternative for those people who have an oral fixation which leads them to smoke. This can help with sleeping or energy levels depending on what nutrients you are inhaling.

Putting In Your Best Effort Every Day At Work

Work ethic is something that can be instilled whether you are at the gym or going to the office. Complaining about work is not going to help anything but doing a great job day in and day out will set a perfect example. A child will see the fruits of hard work whether you are given a raise or a promotion. If you continually work hard with no raises or promotions another example you can make is when it is time to leave a certain company. These small lessons will add up over the course of a childhood so your child will value working hard for their family in the future.

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