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Appreciating Dads and Their Abilities

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They say that "Parenting takes a village!" While I think the saying is true, I think it was more realistic generations ago when families lived close to one another and were able to frequently help each other out.

Nowadays, families tend to be more spread out. So in my opinion, "Parenting takes a good couple/team!"

I am blessed, and would be totally lost, if I did not have my wonderful husband to help me out! He honestly is the half that I need to get through each day, and the perfect partner to help raise our precious three!

I truly do not know how single parents do it! So to all of you singles rocking it on your own - I admire you and wish you all the strength and patience in the world! And I hope that one day you will find someone, or maybe a combination of people, that can step in and fill some of these rolls that amazing dad's do so well!

When it comes to Scott and I, the kids definitely turn to me for the nurturing, and him for the fun. I can be fun as well, but not in the same way, or to the level, that my husband is!

Active Fun

What I love about Scott is that he has strength and energy! He will play outside for hours with the kids. They rough and tumble, he throws them in the air, spins them around, plays ball and tag, rides bike, builds forts, blows up swimming pools, runs through sprinklers, instigates water gun fights, and pushes them on the swings way higher than I ever could. This man truly goes above and beyond with all the active fun! He is strong, tall, athletic, and uses every ability for the kids.


Sometimes the days of being a stay-at-home-mom are long and exhausting. On days like these I can't wait for Scott to come walking in through the door from work! He now is the parent with a fresh amount of patience, and might be the better one to interact with, or help guide the kids to a new activity. I appreciate the mental breaks that he allows me to take, and the alone time that he allows for me to do my own thing.

My Rock

I hate to admit it, but I do tend to be the more emotional and sensitive one. What I love about Scott is that he can be the objective/rational voice that I sometimes need to hear. He is also less likely to panic when one of the kids gets hurt. He is supportive, but realistic, and the voice of reason that we all sometimes need.

Our Shield

Late one night Scott and I heard several loud noises that sounded like someone trying to break into our house. I never saw anyone grab a baseball bat and sprint towards the "danger" so fast! Thankfully it was just a shelf that collapsed and a lot of non-breakables fell hitting the ground. But what this moment showed me was that he is not afraid to protect our family! Not only does he provide for us, but he will be the first one to stand up and protect any one of us, and in any way needed.

Keeps It Interesting

Anyone that knows Scott really well, knows that he has a great sense of humor! He is funny and mischievous. His stories are hilarious, and he knows how to turn a boring evening into a fun one! He is the perfect person to break me out of my "groundhog" like days, and can keep the kids laughing during a long car ride. He gives my sister's a hard time (in a fun way of course), and will joke for hours if given the chance. He loves to scare anyone coming around the corner, will spray you with the garden hose when you least expect it, and orders the best surprises from Amazon.

Makes The Most Out Of Every Situation

To go along with the point prior, Scott somehow finds ways to make the most out of little things, or even mundane moments. Even just the way he spends his evenings with the kids - he is always making a typical weeknight interesting and fun! He is great at planning activities, day trips, and vacations to maximize what we learn, what we do, and what we get to experience.

Knows It All

I don't know how Scott became such an expert at almost everything, but he has. He won't admit that, but it's true. There is rarely any news going on around the world that Scott does not know something about. There is also hardly anything that Scott cannot fix. Or, he will at least attempt to fix before calling in an expert ;) He is well-rounded, knows his way around the kitchen and grill, and has many interests - which again keeps our family learning and exploring.

I am so lucky that I found all of this in one man! He may have a few faults, but his good and love for our family goes beyond my expectations and dreams! He is the partner that I definitely need and appreciate!

However, I hope you realize that not one person needs to check all of these boxes. And I'm sure that there are dads out there that can claim even more than the list I put together. But whether it's a dad, an uncle, a grandpa, a friend, or a combination that help raise your children and fill these rolls, I hope that you can make them feel appreciated this Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

Scott and I with are precious three


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