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Another Benefit of Brushing Your Teeth

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Oral health greatly affect overall health. The habit to brush your
teeth regularly can reduce the risks of diseases ranging from
cardiovascular disorders to impotence.

Some of the benefits of maintaining healthy teeth and mouth seemingly
nothing to do with teeth are as follows,

1. Preventing heart disease
A study published in the American Journal of Medicine in 2012 proved,
elderly that regularly maintain dental hygiene tend to have a lower
risk for heart disease.

2. Preventing stroke
The same study also showed that regular visits to the dentist will
reduce the risk of stroke.

3. Prevent gingivitis
Not too strange indeed, if it is said that dental hygiene can prevent
gingivitis. The results of the research at the National Insititute of
Dental and Craniofacial Research also suggests brushing your teeth two
times a day if you do not want easily get swollen gums.

4. Preventing pneumonia
Pneumonia or chronic lung inflammation can also be prevented by
maintaining dental hygiene Research in 2011 which was published in the
Journal of Periodontology showed that dental hygiene can reduce the
risk of pneumonia and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD),
Which is triggered by the entry of bacteria from the mouth to the

5. Maintaining the health of babies in the womb
2007 study showed that women who maintain healthy teeth are more
likely to give birth to healthy, rarely born premature or low weight.
It is not known exactly what to do, but experts recommend that mothers
diligent toothbrush while pregnant.

6. Appetite control
Brush your teeth can be an indicator for the brain, as a signal that
the meal had been exhausted. The habit of brushing your teeth after
meals will keep a person from the behavior of overeating because food
taste so different after reaction with toothpaste.

7. Delaying dementia
Research in 2010 at New York University suggests that gum inflammation
is associated with increased risk of dementia, particularly
Alzheimer's disease. Because gingivitis can be prevented by brushing
your teeth, then indirectly brushing also delay senility.

8. Prevent Impotence
Gingivitis is also associated with an increased risk of impotence or
impotence in men. According to one study, men who suffer from
gingivitis more experienced impotence severity ranging from moderate
to very severe.

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