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An open letter to my momma heart...

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Sweet friend, I see you. I feel you. I am trying my best to understand you. All the emotions swirling inside of you are not lost on me. The joy and gratitude as you observe your kids thrive and come into their own, the worry and heartache as you sit on the sidelines and watch them suffer through hard things, and every single feely thing in between stand out.

Although you exist inside me, I can’t imagine being you. The ups and downs and all arounds must be exhausting, but you never give up. The love you carry inside you for your children is astronomical. To some outside observers, it doesn’t make sense. Even when your kids hurt you, the love remains. Even when you feel unappreciated, the love continues to flow. Even when you are sometimes forgotten, the love grows.

God sure knew what he was doing when he fashioned the heart of a mother. He knew the kind of resolve a momma heart would need to keep beating. He knew the kind of softness a momma heart would need to keep loving. He knew the kind of intuitiveness a momma heart would need to keep searching for understanding.

I don’t think you give yourself enough credit for all you do. Actually, I know for a fact you do not. So, today I want you to recognize how much love you pour into those kids of yours and sit in the truth of how important this is. Even though you sometimes make mistakes and harbor negative feelings in your humanness, love covers a multitude of mess—and you, momma heart, are full of so much love. Own it and stake your worth in this precious gift you are giving your children. Love goes a forever way. Believe it.

While you live, shine ✨


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