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An Autism Mom’s Amazing Transformation … “I’ll Have What She’s Having!”

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An Autism Mom’s Amazing Transformation … “I’ll Have What She’s Having!”

Mark Twain said “the two most important days in your life are the day you were born, and the day you find out WHY.”

Two years ago, I found out WHY I was born, and I MUST share my message with the world to let others know they don’t have to stay in a rut!

In my early 20s, I found out I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and was told I had little to no chance of ever getting pregnant. However, God had other plans for me in 2010 when He blessed me with a very special child who will help me change how others see and treat people with special needs.

I knew my son was a gift. From the moment he was born, I knew his potential. As his mom, I would let nothing stand in the way of his happiness. Even (and especially) after he received an autism diagnosis before age 3, I fought for him to have the same opportunities that his peers would have. I devoted my essence and soul to ensuring he has all tools available to him to reach his potential.

But somewhere along the way, my soul got tired. My inner light began to fizzle. This mama realized she was just “going through the motions” of life. My marriage suffered. My health declined. My spirit slowly faded. My friendships became a chore. Going to work became a struggle. All the while, I had maintained the facade that I was “handling” it all just fine.

Fast forward to 2015 when I really started feeling like I was riding uphill, backwards … on a UNICYCLE!!! As much as I love being a mom, I was desperate to find something additional in my life that would give me purpose. On 4/14/15, I posted this status update on Facebook:

“Do you ever have that moment during the course of your hectic day in which you feel like today is the day you can make a difference if you find the right person to connect with? I am feeling like that right now, and it is driving me crazy. Who am I supposed to be connecting with right now for the greater good with regard to my son or autism in general?”

I searched and searched to find the answers … to find the key that would unlock all of this dread, doom, and gloom that I was feeling. I wanted to get out of the rut while my husband went about his daily routine, remaining stagnant, having no desire to grow WITH me!!!

I saw a glimmer of hope when some friends of mine began working with me to start a local nonprofit for the special needs community. We were excited about it, and got only so far in our efforts before the financial aspect became “an issue” that we couldn’t resolve.

During this “search for myself”, this ever-growing need to feed my soul, I wandered into a live stream platform called “Blab” where I would find myself asking one of my favorite soap opera stars a question in real-time as he proceeded to answer my question while he was on camera being interviewed. OMG I fell madly in love … with this live streaming environment that was a brand new experience for me. Long story short, I returned to Blab every day and befriended many people whom I still speak with now that the platform no longer exists. I am forever grateful for technology and all that Blab offered in terms of FINDING and being FOUND by the RIGHT people. Now let me tell you how live streaming was the catalyst for the positive changes in my life!!!!

While navigating the Blab platform, there was one individual whom I had seen and heard speak on many occasions, but I had never spoken with him directly. Why? I felt inferior after hearing the content he shared and hearing the strong confidence in his voice. But for some reason, 2/21/16 was the day I got the courage to write some attention-grabbing text in the side chat on Blab. I said, “I think me and Roy might have been separated at birth LOL”. Almost immediately, he direct messaged me on Twitter, documenting the exact Blab URL where we met and inviting me to “meet and greet” with him via Skype or phone (with or without webcam). My first feelings was that of excitement and renewed energy, knowing I resonated with this person whom I had felt a spiritual connection with for almost a month. I was also feeling a bit of anxiety as I remembered that I was feeling a bit inferior, which is what kept me from connecting with him directly all this time.

What I would quickly come to know about Roy Montero is that he speaks TRUTH, he is trustworthy, and he knows how to filter the RIGHT people into his life while at the same time filtering out those he does not “vibe” with. Previous to directly speaking with Roy, I was aware that he has a vision for what he refers to as TV 2.0 — a daily, 24-hour live video streaming channel. Seeing TV 2.0 mentioned in his social media profile piqued my curiosity from the beginning. I could see his vision overlapping with my desire to raise awareness for the special needs community. I just didn’t have enough details to be able to put all the pieces of the puzzle together in my head. So this 121 (one-to-one) Skype “meet and greet” was the perfect opportunity to find out a) if we vibe together, b) what we have in common, and c) how we can help each other.

Fast forward to today and where I am now at on my journey of transformation. I know this has been a long story, but it is one that is SO worth sharing!!!

During the growth of my friendship and businessship journey with Roy, I found myself in the midst of a divorce and parenting a special needs child as a single mom. All the while, my new friend and #Frienducator was teaching me (in his Netfriending Master Class) that what we do not talk out, we WILL act out!! So instead of acting out (as many in my situation often do … using social media as their “weapon of choice”), I talked it out with my new friend. I learned how to make healthier decisions for myself and my son. My friend understands the importance of paying someone a #SincereCompliment, and he knew just when I needed them most. Most times, it was those #SincereCompliments that got me through the hardest days. Roy also shared with me many powerful one-liners that had a profound impact on his life. One that comes to mind that really helped me was:

What you FEED grows. What you STARVE dies!

WOW!!!! I still hear this one-liner in my head on a daily basis, even 2 years after hearing it for the first time. I remind myself that if I FEED a negative mindset, THAT is what will continue to grow and consume my spirit and essence! If I STARVE that negative mindset, it will fade away. I choose to FEED my soul with POSITIVE thoughts and surround myself with POSITIVE people. This has made all the difference in transforming from April 1.0 to April 2.0. The former version of myself is now just a distant memory.

I have so much more to share, and I promise to do so in upcoming blogs. In the meantime, I would love to connect and get to know YOU better so I can pour into YOU all that I have learned and desire to give ... because what you give you KEEP and what you keep, you LOSE! Ahhh yes, another powerful nugget of wisdom that I gained from Netfriending Master Class with Roy Montero!!! This is the friendship that keeps on giving, and I want that for you too! I want others to hear my story and say:

I’ll have what she’s having!

If you have found yourself yearning to hear more and find out “now what, what next?” … follow our Netfriending journey and weekly TV 2.0 Talk Show by clicking on the link below and FOLLOWING our page.

I can’t wait to connect with you all!! Please leave a comment below, and especially so if this story inspired you!!! Catch you all on the other side!!

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