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Challenge: What Makes a Family?

Who can really say what makes a family...?

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What makes a family? It's not about biology, as in who was born into the family, who married into it, who was adopted into it. It's not about a mom and a dad, a kid, two or maybe more. It's not a group of blond haired people sitting in the pumpkin patch all wearing jeans and flannel shirts, smiling for the camera with the autumn leaves falling in the background. It's not a bunch of little stick figure people all lined up on the back of the minivan window. A family is unique to your own and is different for everyone, and therefor cannot truly be defined. But here's what it means to me...

A family is your system of strength, support and love. It is identified by those who you run to in the happiest of times, and also those you lean on in the absolute lowest. A family is who you celebrate life's greatest moments and milestones with - birthdays, marriage, graduations, promotions. A family is also who you can count on to lift you up when life has knocked you down.

What makes a family cannot be captured in a photograph. It can't be etched on a sign out by the mailbox. It is not defined by a name, or a house. A family is the structure that supports the center of your world, a circle of love and strength that you know is there anytime you need it, good or bad, no matter what. Be it one mom, two dads, no kids, eight kids or no relation at all, to be a part of a family is a gift. Cherish yours, whatever it may be to you.

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