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Success Is Different for Everyone

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What image do you bring to mind when you think of moms that stay at home? Do you think of a blushed-up woman wearing an apron? Maybe she has a pie in her hand.

This image could possibly be slightly more modern, and your stay-at-home mom may have unkempt hair and toddlers screaming all around her. At any point did you picture a fulfilled, content, accomplished and active woman?

I am a UX designer by profession and don many hats aside from that. After all, being successful does not mean I dump my household duties on my husband. It simply means I have to redefine my home life.

Chores do not always have to be done today

If you have decided to make the decision to stay at home, then you probably have done it so that you can be a part of your child's life. If that is the case, then be a part of their life.

Chores need to be done, yes. Even I do that. I cook and I do the daily cleaning but they don’t have to be done right away. It’s not bad if you blow them off for the day and instead take your kids on an adventure.

You will never get this time with them again. You will never see them looking up into your eyes with sheer joy as they experience something new. Seize the opportunity. Show your children the world, take them out in the nature. It matters.

The days don't have to blend into one

When you begin to live a life at home, it can be very easy to get lost into the void. The void that is littered with nappies, dirty clothes, dinners, breakfasts, and playdates. This is all admirable work, this is the work of being a mom.

There are times when you may need some perspective and who better to give you this perspective than yourself. You can do this by setting goals for yourself. Ask yourself, why am I doing this? What am I trying to do? What is the goal here? Write it down somewhere for those dark days where you might forget.

Take care of yourself

This has been stressed a lot in modern times. The notion of self-care has almost become trendy. But, for argument's sake, stop and think about the days where you feel empty. The days where you have not eaten right, where you have not taken time to unwind.

Honestly speaking, is this the best state to be in if you are going to look after anyone let alone little people? You cannot care if you are not being cared for. Take the time out to care for yourself. Exercise, read, eat well, meditate, get massages or watch your favorite show on TV. Remember to do things that benefit you and you alone.

What makes a woman successful?

How does one define success for a woman? How does one define accomplishment for a woman? You could say that it is defined in the same way that one does for a man.

A successful woman could be one that is a powerful athlete. She could be a techie woman who could list off the best VPN or the top shows on Netflix without taking a breath.

A successful woman could also be one that stays at homes, brings up the kids, cooks the food and lives a life that is just as full, maybe even more so, than your top-ranking CEO's.

As much as a stay-at-home life should be person specific, there are things that each mom should focus on if she is going to successfully redefine the home life that she has.

You can be more than mom

Just because you are a stay-at-home mom, it does not mean that you cannot have other projects or dreams? You are being given the gift of space and time.

Accept it with open arms and create something, do something that does not involve you being a mom. Embrace your passions and do something about it.

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