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All that Glitters is Not Gold, I Like French Fries Too!

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Are we are a work in progress? Flooded with ideas and information daily how do you not feel a lack of progress. How do you remember to keep even the smallest accomplishment by your side, to glitter, your gold.

My current small accomplishment is publishing a Children's Book.

Written to show we are all the same no matter our diversity, share common foods, and teach to accept who you are and what you like.

Well, I think back to all those around me. The negative, paranoid, dissatisfied thinkers will say no one helped me, no one cares. The thinker like me looks around and is thankful for every interaction. Each person I have met, worked with, called, volunteered with, etc has each given me a skill. In addition to taking a learning point, I am learning to not judge.

Now you may say I judge myself. Yes, I am my harshest critic. But, I have to be because I owe it to myself. I owe it to myself to be better than I was yesterday. I owe it to myself to take the grateful interactions and help others in the same way I was touched. I cannot expect an eye for an eye. Expectations are not the reason to help someone.

So for those that do not believe someone helped them along the way, remember it does take a village. You have had countless interactions, phone calls, and follow-up from some you don’t even know. For those that live in this belief their life is empty, full of ego. For the rest of us, we understand there is something, someone looking out for us. Our glitter, our gold, those that quietly help lift you when you don't even realize it.

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