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Raising a trilingual child when the community language changes

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I am originally from Greece and my native language is Greek.

My husband is from Norway and his native language is Norwegian.
Between us we speak English.


We have two children aged 4 years and almost 1 year old. It was natural for us to use OPOL, as I don’t speak Norwegian, and my husband doesn’t speak Greek. Each of us speaks our mother tongue with our children, and English has become the family language.

Each of us has their own pace to learn a language, each one is more apt for one stage of learning: some people are easier to understand, others to write and others to speak. I have gathered these tips that helped us a lot and I are the best way to learn Spanish, so they for sure will be handy for you too.

Of course, the quickest way to learn a language is to spend a period in a city where it is spoken. With an intensive course, in 3 months, you gain good learning. However, it is not always possible to make such a large expense. But you can accelerate and learn faster. See how else to learn Spanish quickly.

1. Study every day for at least 1 hour

You can not learn Spanish fast if you do not study. Daily contact with the language makes the difference to accelerate learning. So, even for 1 hour, contact the Spanish, through reading, music, film, videos on the internet. No matter what you choose, what's really important is to turn the language into part of your routine.

2. Spread Spanish words around the house

This is a very useful tip especially for those who have difficulty memorizing the spelling of words. Use tags and paste them into objects with the Spanish name so that it is visible to you. Eye contact with the words in the language you are learning help accelerate your learning.

3. Listen, listen and listen

The best way to learn the pronunciation of a new language is by listening to native speakers. That's why, when we take a course in the country where it is spoken, we learn much faster. For it is about daily contact with the new language. However, we can create the same situations living in Brazil or another country. Whenever possible, leave a Spanish radio, preferably news, also TV channels.

4. Take at least 20 minutes of your day to try writing in Spanish

It is necessary to practice both oral and written Spanish to accelerate learning. So, get a notebook and write what you get in Spanish. No matter if they are a few words, the importance is in practice.

5. Speak out loud

Speaking out loud at home alone is not crazy; it's an excellent way to develop speech in the new language. And when you have the opportunity to speak to a native, let the shame go. Those who are learning always have to try, and it does not matter if they are making mistakes.

6. Ask people to correct you.

If you have friends who speak Spanish, Brazilian or native, do not be ashamed to ask them to correct you when you say something wrong. There is nothing too much, and this will help with your learning.

Check out here tools and tips for learning Spanish.

7. Make friends with native speakers of Spanish

Speaking of friends, always make friends with a native, it will help and a lot you learn Spanish fast. As has been said before, the closer you are to the language, the faster you will learn.

8. Do not compare your learning with others'

Do not worry about time and do not compare yourself with other people. You can learn Spanish fast, though, you might have a friend who is going faster. Do not make comparisons; focus on your study.


In general, remember that learning a foreign language can be challenging and frustrating. Progress will depend on the effort you put in and the resources available to you. But learning can also be fun, rewarding and worthwhile!

To learn Spanish, you have to dedicate yourself with your heart and soul. One hour here and here do not really work. Watching only a few movies in Spanish will not be very useful either. You need a plan and follow it in it. Remember, the more exposed you are to the language, the better chance you will have to master this language. Good luck!

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