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Advice for Graduating Class of 2016

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As many high school seniors will be graduating in a couple of weeks, students and their families may be unsure about the next chapter in their life. Graduation is a huge milestone for students. Graduates may get a great deal of advice from teachers, parents, and other adults. This information could help steer students in preparing for the next stage of their lives. Here are some suggestions for parents to offer their graduates:

  1. Establish a Career and/or College Plan It is important for graduates to establish a plan to either join the workforce or attend some sort of post-secondary education. If they want to get a job right away, then encourage them to fill out several applications and practice interviewing skills. If they are planning to attend a community college, trade school, or university, it can help if students participate in an internship at some point during college to be more marketable upon graduation. A lot of colleges and universities provide services to assist students in this process.
  2. Create a Budget It is vital for high school graduates to create a budget in order to pay bills and save for their future. Parents can show them how to record expenses in their checkbook, organize their receipts and how to bargain shop. It might be a good idea to show them how to search for coupons and discounts. If high school graduates learn to save just a few dollars from every paycheck, their savings will quickly add up
  3. Networking With Others It is beneficial for graduates to join a club or organization in college to network with others. They can meet students who might be in the same major or who have similar interests. Even after college, parents may want to encourage their graduates to be a part of alumni groups and professional organizations to continuously grow in their fields. It also may help to take advantage of regularly attending conferences to learn about career and employment opportunities.
  4. Know Available Resources It is important for graduates to know what resources are available to them through websites, newspapers and social media. Companies may use several avenues to advertise internships as well as job openings. As young people continue to grow, encourage them to ask for help if they have questions in the future. They may not want their “pride” to get in the way.
  5. Be Optimistic Parents may want to say positive words such as “Strive for excellence,” Believe in yourself,” and “Do your best!” It is important to teach graduates to turn any negative situations into positives ones in life. They need to realize, “Do not sweat the small things.” Provide some valuable perspective for them…if something happens to them that will not matter in 5 years, then move on. Graduates need to learn that things in life may not always go a certain way, but that is okay! Always remember, failures can turn into successes in their lives!

Congratulations Class of 2016!!!

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