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Advice for 12th Graders

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As 12th graders have started their final year of high school, they will be preparing for their future. This can be a very exciting time for them with homecoming, senior trips, prom and graduation. However, it can be a very challenging experience with selecting a career and/or college, keeping up their grades and overcoming "senioritis". Here are some tips for students and parents to help the senior year to go a little smoother:

1. Meet with School Counselor
If students have not met with their school counselor yet, now is perfect time for them to set up a meeting to discuss their classes and make sure they are on the right path. They also can talk about their college applications and careers they are interested in going into after high school. Students want to make sure they don’t miss any important deadlines when it comes to applying to colleges and financial aid. If they want to retake the SAT/ACT to get a higher score, their school counselor can assist with that process.

2. Know Graduation Plan
A student’s graduation plan is the key to making sure they are on track to graduate on time. High school seniors should know how many credits they have earned to date and how many more they need to complete in order to graduate. These plans also can show how many curricular requirements they have achieved such as English, math, science, history, electives and physical education. Students can outline their short and long term goals with their school counselors. It helps them plan for their future endeavors.

3. Stay Focused
Sometimes when seniors come to the end of their high school career, they may get “senioritis”. They lose motivation, grades begin to decrease and they have a difficult time focusing on school work. It is important for seniors to keep those grades up because this year is just as important as 9th through 11 grades. If they are struggling in classes, peer tutoring, after school programs and additional support can help them. Even if the student has already been accepted to a college, the acceptance is contingent on the successful completion of their senior year. It is vital for 12th graders to stay focused as the finish line comes near and they can begin the next chapter of their life.

4. Attend Events
Students should not miss any opportunities to spend time with their friends such as attending dances, sporting events, high school concerts, prom and graduation. Students who are part of clubs or organizations, this might be a great time to take on a leadership role to help with planning events. If seniors have not joined any extra-curricular activities, they may want to get involved now. It is a great way to meet new friends and it is a great resume builder. Colleges and employers like to see that students did more than just attend classes.

5. Enjoy this time
A 12th grader needs enjoy this year because it can the best time of their life. It is essential not to take anything for granted by spending time with friends and family. Seniors can make lasting memories by taking photos, creating a collage of their best friends and videos of school dances and events. Also, it is important for future graduates to thank the individuals who helped them to get to this point in their lives such as parents, legal guardians, teachers, counselors and anyone else.

Have A Wonderful Senior Year!!

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