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On May 19, 2020 we received a call to take a 7 month old baby boy. Our answer was “YES”! After raising 4 grown kids snd 9 grandbabies later, we’ve started over! On 9/21/2021, our adoption was granted! Here are the letters we wrote to our precious son!

(Dad)-Dear Brogan,

I don’t know how to try to articulate how I feel inside - if everything I’ve ever done in my life was just to bring me to you, it would be worth it 100 times over. The fact that God orchestrated such an imperfect life such as mine- to end up with a blessing as you, shows what an amazing and good God he is! One day, about 16 months ago, we received a call for a baby boy - we weren’t given any details but your age. We fell in love with you the first time we laid eyes on you. But surprised I was- as I often seem to be - at God‘s goodness! I can’t believe I get to call you our forever son. I don’t deserve it and i want to apologize now for the times that I, as an imperfect parent, have and will let you down. I love you more than i can possibly say but my hope and prayer is that you grow up knowing the perfect love of your Heavenly Father, i love you baby boy, welcome home. -Daddy

(Mom) -

When we started our foster care journey, we prayed for God‘s will to be done. And you are the result of that prayer. Our first placement. That morning when we got the call, we had so many emotions and we were so full of nervousness and excitement! You are a bright shining light, full of joy, full of laughter and full of life....and I know God has great big plans for your life! We see you growing into a mighty man of God who loves Jesus all the days of your life. When you look into the mirror, i hope that you find your identity completely in him ... knowing that the color of your skin, every strand of hair on your head and all the desires of your heart were perfectly chosen and given to you by your Heavenly Father who calls you worthy, precious and good. I pray that you have the courage to do what’s right in the face of adversity and the courage to stand out and own every unique part of who God made you to be. Never settling or changing to meet the standards of the world. I pray that you will have the courage and strength to chase and accomplish big dreams and that you would live a life of love and Grace - kindness and generosity towards others. Baby boy - i love you more than words can say. I’ll always be here for you - celebrating with you on every mountain top and holding your hand through every valley. Being your mom is an honor. I love you Brogan Everett Smith.

Joshua1:9 “ Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.”

Thank you to so many who have supported us on this journey. Our kids, Aston, Eric, Taylur and Trent. Our other “son’s”-Keidrick and Daniel. My amazing boss and one of my best friends, Kelly has been awesome from the very beginning - rooting us on, supporting us on every avenue and praying for strength, guidance and peace...some days crying right along with me, and some days rejoicing in Gods goodness~~thank you, Kelly. Our family, we couldn’t have done it without your support and love, you are our ROCK, thank you...and we love you! Our friends who have been in our corner, being our biggest cheerleaders - thank you! Thank you to Regina and Christy my sister June - and my sister In-law, Shawn. I just want to say thank you to every single person who has prayed for, asked about, encouraged, given gifts, made food, played with, loved on, and all the other ways have supported us. Thank you for every prayer you prayed for us and not only Mr. B aka Brogan, but every child who entered into our home of refuge, hope, love and protection! We are grateful and thankful! Our church family-thank you for rallying around us, accepting us and loving us! Brogan’s AMAZING social worker - Lori - she will have many jewels in her crown—thank you for always putting the child 1st and advocating on their behalf, not just for Brogan, but for ALL Kids in Fostercare - DCS, don’t ever let her go-it surely would be a loss for you! Thank you, Lori-we love you! You are the BEST!! Ms. Gwynne who has been a big support for foster parents…you are AMAZING! And a big thank you to all of DCS who work countless hours without much recognition, we appreciate YOU! You make it happen - kids are counting on you, their future is in your hands.

To God be the Glory!

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