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Adoption Runs Thick in my Veins - I am Adopted, A Birth Mother and A Birth Grandma

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I was adopted as an infant, about 5 weeks old, by an amazing couple in Minnesota. My entire life they made it known "I wasn't expected, I was selected," and adoption was an every day term in our household.

At the tender age of 17, I discovered I was pregnant myself. Without hesitation, I knew in my heart what my decision would be for this child. I attended high school, dealt with the stigmas and criticism of being a teenage mother, and took the very best care of myself as I could. When the time came to give birth, I had picked out a great couple who would be receiving my daughter. I look back now with no regret, and I know I gave her the very best life possible.

When my second born daughter was 19 and newly sober in life, she too discovered she was pregnant. It was at that time that my sister and her husband found out they could never have biological children. I have raised my kids to know that adoption is an amazing and wonderful thing made from a selfless decision of a mother.

Lindsey, my daughter, knew she wanted to help someone else create a family of their own while working on her sobriety. She called my sister and asked if they would be willing to adopt this baby girl she was going to have. With tears in their eyes, they accept this amazing gift. Little Edith was born on December 23rd that year, and went to her new loving home on Christmas Day.

I have grown to know both my daughter whom I created an adoption plan for and my birth family as well. It has been an amazing journey full of love.

Young Birth Mom

The day my first born was born; I held her for three short days. I lovingly created an adoption plan for her.

Mom and Dad

My adoptive parents; I was told, "You weren't expected, you were selected."

Three generations!

Birth grandma, birth mom and baby girl whom my daughter created an adoption plan for and built a family when there wasn't one.

My Moms!

On my 45th birthday my birth mom (left) and my adoptive mom (right) met. It was an emotional meeting!

The Clan

My birth daughter found me and has become part of my clan!

My Birth Family

My sister, my birth father, me, sister and birth mom.

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