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Don’t Let Others Tell You How to Raise Your Child!

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I’m sure this happens to a lot of new moms out there, but don’t worry you’re not alone!

Future mom

When you first become a new parent, dozens of questions start running through your head, such as: What and how much do I feed them? What do I do if they don’t stop crying? And what should I dress them in today? These are just a few examples, but you feel as if you know nothing about taking care of a newborn. Well here comes the dilemma. You have all these people around you, family and friends that have children, giving you advice on how to raise your child. It’s overwhelming and at the same time all these suggestions contradict each other. So, what should you do?

Well as time goes on, you start feeling uneasy about whom you should be listening to. Do you listen to your parents or do you listen to your best friend who just had a child two years ago? For God sakes, even the folks in stores are poking their heads in the carriage offering some quick tips that they believe to work.

To be honest, the way you parent changes constantly and what may have been the way 5-10 years ago, is outdated and not recommended in today’s day of age. One huge common misconception, that we continue to hear about, is placing our baby on her stomach when she’s going to bed. This might have been okay back then, but forget it today! That’s one of the first things they tell you NOT to do.

Your family is just trying to be helpful and you have to remember this. Try not to get annoyed and be patient with them. They may argue the fact that they’ve already raised a child (being you) and that you came out alright. Try explaining to them, in a calm manor, that things are different now and that it’s recommended that you… (Explain the solution to the issue you are talking about). When in doubt, you can always ask your child’s pediatrician.

We all feel overwhelmed by these new responsibilities and when other people start questioning the way we raise our child, you start asking yourself: “Am I a good mother, or not?” Don’t let this distract you! From the moment that you gave birth, your maternal instincts set in. It doesn’t matter what other people tell you! You may not be an expert in parenting (yet), but you’re setting the course for your child’s future. You know your child the best and know what it is that they want and need.

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