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Challenge: Back to School 2020

A single teacher can mimic an entire village

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Many think that the purpose of school is to prepare children for the rest of their lives.

But what if its purpose is to show them the value of theirs,

and them,

and others,

in the present.

Some think that the purpose of education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

But what if the purpose of education is to take a child's inherently open mind,

let it expand at its own pace,

in a unique, creative way,

and without super-structured uniformity and rules surrounding

by when,

in front of whom,

and how that must happen.

Quite a few avow that a school's purpose is to ensure that children have the skills and knowledge required to be successful.

But what if the purpose of school is to ensure children know that

there are no stable requirements for success,

success itself isn't a requirement,

and that success, well, it's just a happy, resilient human.

Some people believe that teachers are the most important members of society because their professional efforts affect the fate of the earth.


But if we're gonna put such gargantuan expectations on these ridiculously wonderful and selfless humans,

and ginormous amounts of pressure,

we should probably

speak of them,

support them,

and pay them

per the heroic role they play in our society.

Teachers improve the lives of others and their community by making the children of the world and the world itself better than they found it.

And, truthfully, well, I can't think of anybody more worthy of a country's eternal commendation and gratitude and paycheck that matches.

I'm just a parent, and this is just my opinion.

But I'm just a parent who can't imagine raising my three kids without a village,

and even a single teacher,

well, they can mimic an entire one.

No matter how you're teaching this year or where from,

you are a light this dark world needs and I hope you'll never forget that.

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