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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

A Mom And Her Robe Against The World

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I bet you are judging this picture of me in my ratty robe right now and you know what? It doesn't bother me because I really love that thing, it keeps me warm and cozy and I wear it every single day and even stand outside my house in it. It doesn't mean I've given up, it means I'm confident and secure in my skin and spend more time focusing on other things in life. Whether you walk around in a robe or not,I guarantee you've been a victim of mom judging about what you said, did or wore. Here are my ways to keep you from getting a case of the moms.


The Judgement: Your child goes to bed at 7:00? WHAT!?!?

The Response: Yeah, that's right, all of my children go to bed that early because sleep is the #1 contributing factor in them waking up happy and smiling, to be able to think their best and not be sick and a crying hot mess.


The Judgement: Why does your kid only eat chicken nuggets and pizza?

The Response: Because they taste awesome and food isn't a hot topic for me and I know when he's older he will branch out, plus, this stuff is really easy to cook.


The Judgement: You let your kids play Xbox and watch TV during the school week?

The Response: Heck yeah! Why not? I love when they play quietly vs wrestling each other to the ground, I love the quiet. And they get plenty of learning and activity throughout the week so I let them chill when they are home.


The Judgement: I noticed you didn't sign up for the next fundraising event.

The Response: I know, I just don't care for this type of thing. I much prefer to help the school out in other ways, but, I really appreciate all that you're doing and I know it'll be a success.


The Judgement: Wow, you sure do put your kids in a lot of activities, it must be so hard.

The Response: Yes, I do, but, they love everything and it works. Now, stop talking and smile. You know your family best and what makes your kids happy.


The Judgement: Her baby is always crying, what do you think is wrong with them?

The Response: Who knows, they must be having a hard time, I'm going to see if she wants to get together and take a break to commiserate.

I have found the best way to deal with mom judging is to face it head on and speak your truth in a professional way. Live proudly moms in your parenting journey and keep your friends close by and your enemies far away.

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