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A Lesson in Courage & Strength from Mommy Spiders

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I remember it like it was yesterday. That's how vivid the image is in my mind. Oh wait, and because it did happen yesterday. That I killed a family of spiders. Yes, FAMILY. How did I know? Because there was a Daddy spider and a Mommy spider. How did I know there was a Mommy spider? Well, Monkey explains below.

I've seen video of such a thing before. I wish I had caught it on camera. It completely grossed me out. Eew. But I was too busy getting the big buggers out of my house.

We were walking out the door on the way to school and saw the big spider. I didn't know it was Mommy spider until I killed it... then a bunch of babies started scattering. Teeny, tiny little dots of black scurrying across the floor. I didn't have time to panic. Grabbing the bug spray, I just started showering them. It worked!

Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of it. Remember, I said FAMILY!

Monkey saw from where the spider came and then cried out, "There's another one." Oy vey.

Another one, just as big as the first. With bug spray in hand, I started my shower of insecticide, but it didn't work this time. Maybe because they weren't the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. This thing was huge!

Watching me lose this battle, Lil Tank proclaimed, "That's okay, Mommy. Daddy can kill it when he comes home." Uh, NO! I was not going to go the whole day with a huge spider wandering around the house. What if it was a Mommy spider with babies? I wasn't going to go the whole day with a huge spider and thousands of offspring wandering around the house.

Plus, I had to show our daughters how fearless Mommy was. She could kill bugs... spiders... and creepy, crawly creatures. Daddy wasn't the only one. That's when I decided it was time to use something more powerful - NewsyDad's shoe! As I was grabbing said shoe, the spider crawled into it. So I outsmarted it by grabbing my umbrella and flicking the shoe out the open door. Splat. No babies. Whew. Thank goodness, it was a Daddy spider.

THE SCORE: Mommy - 5 million (no exaggeration). Spiders - 0.

THE LESSON: No need to be afraid. No need to rely on someone else to do things when YOU can. You just have to face your fears. Be courageous and strong.

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