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A Lesson from the Dragon Game

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My eight year old calls himself an expert of all that has to do with How To Train Your Dragon so I wasn't surprised when he aske if a dragon game could be on our laptop with a one month membership. His best buddy plays, too and I would often hear them speaking to each other about all kinds of dragon strategies.

A few days ago I checked my email and was in panic mode after finding comfirmation of "gem" purchases totally $75.00! First, I contacted the site to shut down that card. Then I showed this to my boy and he immediately became visabilly upset. He went to his room, closed his door and I retreated to the kitchen. We both needed reflection time.

A while later I knocked on his door, went in and found him in front of all his money on the floor; all sorted and counted to $5.00. He said, "I want you and Pa to have this. I thought by being a member, it was free." Touched by this, we sat on his bed and I said this was a learning experience for him, me and Pa. I went on to explain how a credit card works and how it's so easy to get in trouble with them.

Later that evening I saw his bank with a note on my bed. I showed it to Pa. We brought it to the living room and told our boy how much we love him and how very proud we are of him. Not many children, or adults, would made this offer two times if at all. Your offer speaks of the kind of young person you are, kind, generous and truthful. Then I could see by his amazing smile and bright eyes that he really was not in trouble, he smiled like a proud boy. Our hearts were fo full.

You see, there are many teachable moments if you are kind, patient, humurous and pack a lot of hugs!

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