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A Father's Love

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When my daughter MacKenzie was 9 months old she woke up extremely fussy one night while her father and I were both asleep. As usual I got up while her dad remained peacefully undisturbed. I made her a bottle and placed her on the bed, forward facing in my lap. During the feeding, I glanced down and noticed that she and her father were holding hands. He hadn't moved or showed any signs of being awake so to see them holding hands caught me totally off guard. I felt my heart completely melt at that moment.

My life is nothing like it was before MacKenzie and sometimes I wonder if I'm doing this parenting thing right. There are days that I become completely overwhelmed and beyond annoyed when things don't go as planned. More often than not we spend so much time focusing on the negative that we forget to embrace the positive moments that do occur. These two have an indescribable bond so watching them hold hands without ever making any sort of eye contact gave me a tiny glimpse into the depth of that love.

Through all of the frustration and tears, it’s moments like this that make me realize what a blessing my life truly is. That maybe if I took more time to appreciate these brief moments of beauty, I wouldn’t become so overwhelmed by the little things. And in reality, maybe all of the insanity isn't so bad after all. Just maybe my life is truly something beautiful....with a pinch of wackiness every now and then.

She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida and is mom to her beautiful daughter MacKenzie. She is the author and creator of the blog where she shares her thoughts on parenting as well as beauty and fashion trends. Brandi is a firm believer that becoming a parent shouldn't completely change who you are and believes that it's important to love yourself post-baby. She is most passionate about fashion and being an inspiration to her readers as they travel along their own style journey.

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