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Challenge: Walking the Talk

A Case for Giving Children a Little More Space

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Have you ever noticed that if you excitedly rush towards a rabbit it runs and hides? All you want to do is lovingly caress and bond with the little fluff ball, but your overzealous mannerisms repel the bunny. Well, sometimes children can feel the same way.

There is something very overwhelming about a parent who wants constant touch, attention and conversation that actually causes their child to shut down or pull away.

I am 100% an advocate for parents being attentive, active and engaging, as opposed to the extreme alternative, BUT I’ve also noticed that I have a more present, talkative, loving AND listening child when I allow him to do things at his pace.

More often than not, a little space, a bit of independence and me not oversaturating quiet with tons of words, well, it surprisingly encourages my child to close our proximity gap and fill the silence with his joyful and curious expressions.

I just love being raised by my kids. I’m learning and growing a lot.

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