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7 Tips for Using a Kid's Scooter

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Kid’s scooter is the most popular and the safest ride-on toys for the kids. It gives them a boundless pleasure as well as makes them suitable for the outer world. Scooting is also considered as an excellent exercise for them, and it lowers the chance of becoming overweight. Recently some studies showed that the scooters for kids could be helpful for developing both mental and physical health. They also make the kids much smarter and confident at an early stage.


There are a lot of positive vibes of the kid’s scooter. But sometimes they can be injurious too. Scooter is one of the biggest reasons for toy-related injuries in the USA. You may feel stressed to hear this but don’t worry, here are some tips which will help to keep your child safe on the scooter.

1. Teach him the basics

Never let your child get up on the scooter without teaching him the process of operating the scooter. Teach him the fundamental of riding a scooter and tell him about the different part of it. There are some scooters which offer braking option for additional safety of your child. If your child has a scooter with brake, teach him how to use the function properly.

At first, train your child on indoor for avoiding any kind of risks. Ask him to pull the scooter around the house at different speeds and then allow him to ride freely. As soon as he got familiar with the process of scooting, let him practice in nearby neighborhood areas.

2. Go for the right wheel size

The kid's scooter comes with a wide variety wheel sizes from 100millemeters to 110 millimeters. The right sized scooter will help your child to keep balance on the scooter as well as enjoy a smoother ride. Choose a scooter wheel size according to the preference of your child. If your child is going to perform tricks and stunts then you should choose a scooter with smaller wheels. Go for the average wheel size for other simple activities on the outside.

The weight limit is also an important entity to check in the time of buying a scooter for your kid. The weight limit should be greater than your kid’s weight. Try to go for a scooter which has the maximum weight carrying capability.

3. Choose the correct handle size

Most of the parents don’t give that much preference to the handlebar in the time of buying a scooter. The handlebar is an important part of the toy and it helps to keep your child balanced on the scooter. You will need to choose a scooter with a handlebar according to the height of your child. The handlebar must be in a comfortable position so that your child can easily grip it.

Most of the scooter has the brake controller on the handlebar. Go for a scooter with braking capability and encourage your child to use the brake. It will help him to be familiar with the braking utilities.

4. Wear helmet and safety kits

Though the scooter is a lightweight tool it can still cause life threating serious injuries. As the kids have a soft body, it is important to be careful in the time of letting them go outdoor with the scooter. To ensure the safety of your child, at first, you should make sure that he is wearing a helmet in the time of riding a scooter in the outdoor. It can give your child a great protection from any kind of head injuries. There are a variety of kids helmet available in the market which comes in various colors and design.

The helmet can secure your kids head but what about the other parts of the body. When your child accidentally falls off from the scooter, the elbows, hands, and knees will most probably hit the ground at first. So you will also need to think about the protection of these areas too. You can use consecutive pads for securing those body parts.

5. Wear shoes

Riding the scooter on barefoot at the indoor is okay. But don’t allow your child to do this in the outdoor. There are different types of obstacles such as bricks, stone, thorny weeds and much more in the playing grounds and streets. Shoes will protect your kid legs from those as well as make him look better.

You will not need to buy a premium pair of shoes for scooting. Just go for a simple pair of shoes which is thick and closed-toed.

6.Stay away from risky areas

Neighborhoods around the house are the best place for your child to ride the scooter. When your child is going outside with the scooter for the first time, make sure that he is staying around the neighborhoods and ask him to stay away from the risky areas in there.

Don’t allow your child to go for outdoor scooting before teaching the process of balancing and the usage of brake on the scooter. Make sure that he is wearing the safety kits like pads and helmet.

7. Check the scooter often

As like as the other tools, a scooter also need a proper maintenance. Taking care of the scooter once in a while will help to keep it genuine for a long time. It will not take a huge effect in maintaining the scooter. Gently wipe the handlebar and the foothold with a damp cloth and after that dry it up with another clean and dry cloth. Use inessential kid’s teeth brush to clean the wheels of the scooter.

If you feel that the wheels are tough then use lubricants on the bearings to make them easygoing. If the bearings make crunchy sounds then lubricant will be very helpful. You will need to change the bearing then.

Scooter is a great way to keep your kids happy and healthy at the same time. Hopefully, the above-given tips will be helpful for making your kid’s scooter riding safer and interesting.

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