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Tips for Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike Without Training Wheels

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Childhood is what all of us find memorable enough. Those were the days we enjoyed everything we did – with no tense moments about anything around. And yes, who can forget the biking experience you had with that zooming around on the street with your bike? Would you want to teach your kids how to ride a bike without training wheels? If you are one of those enthusiastic mothers who want teaching your child to ride bikes without training wheels, we would guide you to achieve the task with ease. Read on to know more.

Tips for Teaching Your Child to Ride a Bike without Training Wheels

Well, that may seem to be something from a fairy tale, or an action movie. Not necessarily though. It is possible to teach your kid to learn riding a bicycle without the training wheels. Of course, you need to have a little patience to achieve the task and additionally, the willingness on the part of the kid to learn.

Go through the following tips so that you would be able to achieve a seemingly tough task with ease. Of course, a kid can learn riding a bike with training wheels, but the issue with them is your kid may take time to learn to balance. If you don’t want that to happen to your kid, follow the tips carefully.

Arouse the Interest in the Kid

Precisely. That should be the most essential prerequisite before you can begin. If the kid is not interested in the task, mere pushing will not do the trick, rather it will make it tougher. Let your kid develop interest in the task of riding without training wheels. Also ensure that they have enough of maturity as well. Keep the activity exciting and positive rather than pressurising.

The Preparatory Setup

Prepare for the proper journey. This can include a host of tasks. The location should play an important role so that your kid can learn without any hassles. We will cover the location aspect later on in the post. In addition, make sure you have lowered the seat while removing the training wheels. Ensure you have brought all the accessories like helmet, knee and elbow pads, and gloves.


Balancing and steering are the most important aspects of learning how to ride a bike. The lowered seat would help your kid to practice balancing by dragging their feet. Opting for the slope would be the best option. Make sure that the slope is grassy enough so that the kid will not get injured in case of a fall. If your kid has been into other activities like skating, gymnastics and similar activities, that would be an added advantage.


Braking is an important aspect of learning how to ride a bike. In fact, more than riding a bike – braking should be what you should command first. Let them learn where the brakes are and how to use them. Learning how to brake would help your kid grow confident. Dave Henly who is an expert on bikes and cycling claims himself to be the living proof to the fact that riding bikes without training wheels should not be a tough task.


The location should play an important role as we already mentioned. There are several points you need to take care of while choosing a location for biking. A grassy slope can be an added advantage. Ensure that there are no bumps, rocks and trees or any similar obstacles. Also make sure that you choose a location that the kid is comfortable with. A place frequented by crowd may make him feel embarrassed and thus may not be suitable.

Go For the Right Bike

Never ever choose a bike thinking of the future needs of your kid. It can be too big for him and difficult for the kid to handle it. Check the needs of your kid’s body and choose the bike accordingly. You would indeed find some smart bikes specifically designed keeping in view the needs of a kid. Do not go by your intuitions, but take the ground realities into account. Take the help of experts if needed.

Have Patience and Learn Slowly

Riding a bike involves a host of tasks and skill sets. The major skills needed while riding a bike are braking, pedalling, balancing and steering. If you introduce all the skills at once, the kid is bound to get confused. The key to a better learning would be to introduce one skill at a time. Bring up the next skill only after the kid has mastered the previous one. This would help the kid master the skills in a faster manner. Never forget that patience is the key to success. Pushing the things can make the kid lose interest.

In Conclusion

Finally, do remember that every kid completely different. That would make it practical enough to devise specific plans for each of the kids. Use an approach that suits your kids rather than going with a common approach.

We assume the tips outlined here should be helpful enough in making your kid learn riding a bike without training wheels an easy affair. Have you used any other approach that makes your kids confident enough in riding the bikes? Do share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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