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7 Things That Smartphones Have Replaced for Parents

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The digital age is definitely changing several aspects of our lives, including parenthood. Nowadays almost everyone owns a smartphone and it can be a great tool to help us out with everyday tasks. Here are seven things that smartphones have replaced for parents for the better.


1. Camera and cam recorder

Even just a couple of years ago, parents always had to carry around a camera or a cam recorder to capture important moments in their family, like their child’s first steps or words. Instead of going through the gruesome process of developing the photos and sending them through the post, now we can capture, edit and share these moments immediately, even if our partner or family is far away. I found this article that recommends great apps to improve family photos.

2. Maps

With GPS, finding a birthday party is not a challenge anymore. Parents also don't have to struggle when driving to a new location for a family picnic or other fun events.
Driving from one soccer practice to another is now more efficient since modern GPS calculates the fastest route available. Phones also send you notifications about possible traffic jams, so you will never be late again when picking up your child.

3. Flash light

Ever needed to go into your child's room without waking him or her up? Chances are, before having a smartphone you used a flashlight or just tried to be as quick as possible. With most phones having a small but precise flashlight, this is now much easier and your child can sleep at ease.

4. Portable gaming device

Keeping your children entertained in waiting rooms or long car rides might have been difficult. Always carrying around a game console, board games or cards can be challenging, and trips and waiting rooms can be a disaster if you forget to bring them along. Now you can download fun and even educational games to your phone to keep your child entertained.

5. News and weather

Without knowing what the weather will be like, it is difficult to plan how to dress your child or plan family trips and activities. Before, you always had to wait for the newspaper to be delivered or schedule your day in order not to miss the weather on TV. Now all phones can find out about the local weather through Google Play, and planning an outing is much easier. With smartphones you won't have to worry anymore about forgetting to pack rain boots or sunscreen.

6. Walkie talkie

Before the time of mobile phones, getting in touch with your child playing outside or staying home alone while you were out was difficult. With smartphones, you can simply call your child to ask them to come home so that the whole family can enjoy dinner together.

7. Watches and alarm clocks

Wristwatches, paper calendars, alarm clocks and sticky notes were all replaced by smartphones. Now you can store all information on one device. You will never forget a birthday, your child's school events, or afternoon hobbies. You can also use reminders for feeding times for younger children. And with a handy alarm clock, you don't have to worry anymore about the battery running out or the clock not working.

All in all, smartphones can be a great tool to make our parenting life easier. They allow us to spend more quality time together by making everyday tasks simpler and getting in touch easier.

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