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The Benefits of Parent’s giving their Children a Smartphone

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In a world driven by technological advancement, it is expedient not to leave children in the dark from the advantages technology provides. Most articles that have been written about children and the use of smartphones are often tailored to expose the adverse effects the technology have on the young one. Little or no articles have been written to highlight the benefits that parents will reap when they give their children smartphones. These smartphones can be helpful to parents and the kid for various reasons so far the kid is capable of spelling correctly and speak well, then there is nothing stopping a parent to give him a smartphone. Below let’s look at some of the ways a smartphone can help both parents and their children.

It Creates a sense of security

If a kid knows that he can contact his parents anytime, it creates a feeling of being secured wherever he is, and smartphones come with this advantage because it provides constant connectivity to its users. Parents also will be able to contact their kids in emergency situations at any moment.

Stay in Touch

Smartphones have a built-in GPS feature that aid in tracking, this can help parents to check the location of their children and know when they arrive at school or other places. Parents can easily track their children with this feature. With a smartphone, a parent can quickly reach out to their kids in case of an emergency and vice versa.


The appropriate usage of smartphones can provide a child with some necessary down time to have some entertainment. This can be monitored by parents and can also help in their education as well because gaming can help a child develop a sound problem solving and decision making skills.

Aid their Education

One of the reasons why a parent should give their children smartphones is the access to study materials that they provide. Using a smartphone give a kid the ability to access many of online resources of Google which can help them to create their class presentation or homework. They can also share valuable information and announcements as well as share notes with the colleagues in school.

When making decisions on smartphone use for your kid, it is essential to consider your family and children situations because this is a topic that is mixed regarding the benefits and the risks associated with it. If you decide to get your kid a smartphone, ensure that you set realistic limits as well as monitor how they make use of it ensuring that it doesn’t negatively interfere with their studies and/or physical interactions. You can get some of the best smartphones with features that will help you monitor the activities of your children from fonehouse.

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