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7 Reasons to Be a Work-at-Home Parent

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Running back and forth between the office and your commitments as a parent is harrying to say the least. It almost makes you think there could be a better way out there - and there is.

Try being a work-at-home parent.

Many employers are allowing people to work from home these days and even more people are making a full living while working out of their home offices as freelancers.

But just in case you need some convincing that being a work-at-home parent may be a better choice for you than the daily rat race, we’re going to provide 7 reasons to be a work-at-home parent in this article to help convince you to make the leap.

1. Increase or Maintain Your Income

One of the best things about working from home is that you might be able to increase or maintain your current income but without the hassle of commuting and playing office politics. If that alone isn’t enough of a reason to consider a work-at-home position, then consider this: People who work from home often develop multiple income streams which, over time, can translate into way more money than you’d ever make waiting for a raise in a job.

2. End the Commute

Probably the single biggest reason many of us would enjoy being a work-at-home parent is that the commute would be over. And that is almost reason enough for some of us, especially those who commute for several hours a day or those who use public transportation.

3. Flexible Work Hours

When you work from home you can typically have more flexible working hours than those people who have to commute in to a 9-to-5. Of course this isn’t always the case but more often than not it is the general rule. And if you work freelance, you definitely have a lot of control over your schedule and the pace of your day.

4. You’re in the Driver’s Seat

When you are a work-at-home parent you drive your day and its schedule. Don’t let office meetings and other nonsense interrupt your flow. You can work as long as you need to in order to get the job done.

5. Save Money on Childcare or Home Maintenance

If you’re hiring a nanny or paying a housekeeper then you can save on that expense by taking on those tasks yourself.

6. End Office Politics

There’s nothing more draining than working in an office filled with politics and scheming - but it is hard to avoid. In fact, most offices have some form of political machinations running afoot, it’s just some employees participate more than others. Eliminate that concern pretty much entirely when you choose to work from home.

7. Save Money on Clothing and Lunch

If you become a work-at-home parent you could potentially save so much money on business attire and lunch that you could buy yourself a rolex after a while - how’s that for an incentive! But seriously, you can pocket big bucks just by staying at home and avoiding the daily turmoil that an office typically entails.

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