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Working Remotely When You're a Young Parent

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Combining work with taking care of your children is a common practice. It is always hard no matter if you work remotely or not. Some may have an idealistic picture of a remote work. There is a happy parent sitting with a laptop in one hand and a child in the other. Everybody's smiling and the sun is shining. In reality, it is not like that at all. You have to be ready to break your working schedules into multiple sessions in between feeding a baby and changing diapers. But it is also a great opportunity to spend more time with your children as they grow up. Let's look at some of the advantages and disadvantages a remote work can mean for a young parent.


  • Spending more time with your family. This is the obvious benefit you get. You will watch your babies grow and won't miss the most important period of their lives.

  • Flexible schedule. You can plan your day relying on the things you need to do. You can start the working day as early as you want (and you probably will as you won't be getting much of a sleep).

  • Saving money. You won't have to spend anything on the commute to work and daily lunches. It is a lot cheaper to eat at home.


  • Impossible to concentrate. Some parents can't concentrate on the work because there is always something they can do for their babies. Even when a baby sleeps, they keep thinking about feeding, bathing, doing laundry, etc. One of the possible solutions is hiring a part-time babysitter. You will have a couple of hours to work.

  • Conflicts with a partner. If you do not communicate clearly the expectations and reality of one of you working remotely and staying at home, there might be some problems. They might expect you to take care of your baby, cleaning the house, working, and buying groceries. One person can't do all of that and you better discuss these points.

  • Lack of social life. It is easy to get isolated when you have a baby and work from home. Make sure you don't forget about socialization.

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