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7 habits that make teen acne worse

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Teen Acne Habits

Getting clear skin isn’t only about the products you’re using. Using the right products are important, of course, but small habits you might not even notice can make a HUGE impact on your breakouts, too. Here are seven simple daily habits that you should avoid — they might be making your acne worse!

Using Too Many Hair Products

Be careful with hair products — they can get onto your forehead and on the skin around your hairline and cause breakouts. Be careful not to apply hair products too close to your hairline.

Not Washing Your Face Correctly

You need to use your hands and a gentle cleanser. A washcloth, scrubbing pads or even electric brushes can be too abrasive and cause tiny tears in the skin, which causes irritation and inflammation. Be gentle with your skin!

You Let Your Phone Touch Your Skin

All of our cell phones are dirty, it’s just a fact. A study found the number of bacteria on our phones is similar to a public toilet seat. So. Gross. When you’re talking to someone, use ear buds or chat with them on speaker instead of holding the phone up to your face.

You Quit New Treatments Too Soon

We know it’s frustrating when you don’t see immediate results, but if you use the right products and commit to treatment, you’ll see some small improvement at around four weeks, visible improvement in six to eight weeks and significant improvement after three months.

You Wash Your Face TOO Often

Washing your face too often can damage the natural protective layer of your skin — this leads to more initiation, inflammation and acne breakouts. Wash twice a day.

You Pick At Pimples

We know it’s tempting, but don’t pick at your skin. Picking on your pimples increases skin damage and usually leads to slower healing and increased risk of scars.

The Wrong Diet

There are quite a few studies that prove the relation of food to acne breakouts. The main types of food you need to avoid when you have acne are cow’s milk, dairy, sugary drinks, sweets and other foods that are super starchy and contain white flour.

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