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6 Websites For Parents Who Fail At Helping Children With Homework

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Helping their children to get their homework done can become a nightmare to some parents. They don't have a clue about what they are supposed to do, how far they can help them, and also because it might mean a struggle after a long day at work.

If you are one of them, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of resources available for those in need of an extra hand. They bring to you tips, reference sources and other tools that will make your life much easier, especially when it comes to writing assignments.

Homework Center – Fact Monster

This website is full of tips on how to write and do research from basic to advanced level. You will learn how to write an essay (and their different types), a biography, a book report, a research paper, a letter and even a speech. There is also information about spelling and grammar.

Top Writers Reviews

Top Writers Reviews offers you a blog with a large number of relevant tips about writing. You will find info on how to write essays, apps that can make yours and your children’s life much easier, plus articles related to education in general and writing services.

Education World

On Education World, you will find several articles and tips about homework help. Their Research Toolbox is very rich, and you will find almost everything that you might need to help your children to write any assignment. You will also have access to online libraries, thesauri, and encyclopedias.

Homework Spot

This is a great starting point to any homework. On this website, you will see a very comprehensive list of sites and resources regarding any kind of subject from elementary to high school. They also have a great Tips section, where you can get info on how to write a better essay, to include a bibliography, and proofreading, among other things.

Kid Info

Kid Info keeps in one place online resources available for children, their parents, and teachers. Regarding writing assignments, you will find plenty of links talking about grammar, spelling, authors’ tips, vocabulary building, and copywriting. They also have links to power points, games and videos focused on learning skills. You can either go through their menu and look for what you want or try their search engine.

The Learning Network

This website created by The New York Times is an excellent source for teens wishing to improve their writing skills. Through their news, they will learn how to write better, and they will be challenged to give their own opinion about the story being told through questions for writing and discussion. They also have several lesson plans, quizzes, word of the day, crosswords, and contests available.

Final thoughts

Homework is part of any student life, so, unfortunately, you will have to learn to deal with it until your children leave the house and go to college (if they do). And, of course, you don’t want that it becomes a stress factor in your household, especially when you are already feeling tired.

So the best thing to do here is trying to make it a fun family activity. As you can imagine, your attitude towards homework will also reflect on how your children see it, so try to take advantage of the resources available.

And, as the last piece of advice, do never pretend that you know the answers. Children are very good spotting this kind of lie, and if they don’t, they might get in trouble at school. So just search online for whatever you need to know, and help them to learn how to do it by themselves – just remember of keeping internet access under parents control settings, especially if you have small children.

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