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5 Hints to Help Your Kids Write Exceptional Essays

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All parents want their kid to be a genius. A child’s desire to learn should be nurtured since the earliest childhood. Of course, for small kids, the process of education should be presented in a form of a game, not an obligation. However, when it comes to writing, many parents just cannot figure out how to make their kids like it.

Writing is actually one of the most underestimated forms of developing a kid’s personality. Most parents pay attention to the technical aspect of this process. They teach kids to write letters, to compel letters into words, and to put words into sentences. However, in most cases, they stop at this stage. During the first years of school, parents do not even understand what a mistake this is. Over time, the problem becomes more obvious. On the one hand, a kid can write, but on the other hand, a kid absolutely does not understand how to express their opinions and develop ideas in written form which is crucial for writing good essays.
Of course, there is always a possibility to order custom writing service but you still should try to develop your kid’s writing skills as it may greatly help them not only at school but also later at college. Here are some tips how you can do this.
1. Include writing to the everyday activities
There is a small secret that is used by every writer-to-be, you need to write every day to make writing your habit. For kids, this is a top priority. This is like reading. Kids who get used to reading never have problems with reading in university. Nurture the love to writing and you will see that your kid will write even for their own pleasure. You can ask them to write a diary or just to write something they want. The main requirement is to do it regularly. It will be better to start with rewriting some passages, and only then write original texts. Multiple studies prove that kids that write at least 15 minutes per day as an addition to school classes, show better results and get better grades.
2. Write on paper
For modern kids, computers are more familiar than a pen and a paper. However, to make writing a passion, a computer will not be enough. The matter is that a computer often serves as a distraction as a kid wants to look for something on the Internet, and when they do not know how to spell a word, they may just check it online. However, in this case, they will forget the word and next time, they will check it again.
Writing by hand has multiple advantages and one of them is muscle memory. When you write a word for several times by hand, your body remembers how you should write it, thus, you remember the spelling. For kids, it is always good to master the skill of writing by hand.
3. Write letters
If your kid does not like writing, you need to come up with some games. For example, you may start to write letters to your kid. Today, almost no one uses letters for communication (not the emails, but the letters that are written on paper by hand). Maybe your kid will be intrigued by the new game and will gladly participate in it.
4. Play grammar and spelling games

Grammar and spelling are by far important for a high-quality writing. Thus, you need to teach your kid grammar and spelling as well. In future, when the time will come for them to figure out how to write a term paper, they at least will not worry about their grammar. So, they will surely appreciate your efforts to educate them.

The matter is that kids have a better memory and they remember everything that they do often enough. So, if you regularly play grammar and spelling games with your kid, they will develop a good grasp of these important language aspects.
5. Read books
One of the best ways to write well is to read a lot. Today, reading becomes more popular but still, most of the kids prefer to watch TV or play games. As parents, you need to nurture their love for reading. The kids who love to read have a better imagination, they are more creative and open to new skills and knowledge. It’s easier for them to write essays. Encourage your kids to read every day. Of course, you do not need to demand that they read complicated books, choose for them something interesting so they can enjoy their reading.
With these tips, you can develop your child’s writing skills and make them like the process of writing. It is a good way to ensure that when time comes, your kid won’t have problems with crafting exceptional essays for school and college. Be patient and good luck!

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