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6 Things Every Kid Needs to Do at Disney World

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What is every kid’s dream vacation? A trip to Disney World. Millions of kids on the face of the planet have asked their parents, grandparents or guardians to take them there, and it’s no wonder why. From those classic cartoons to the Mickey Mouse Club, kids and adults alike all have a special place in their heart for Disney World.

If you're anything like me, there's so much excitement it's easy to get overwhelmed. Especially if you only have a few days to conquer the entire park. So here are 6 must-visit places that you simply can’t skip when taking your kids to Disney World:

1. Walk the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street

Every city has a main street, but none of them are like this one. When you step inside the Magic Kingdom, the first thing you see is Main Street and Cinderella’s Castle towering over the scenery. Think of Main Street as your portal into the magical world of Disney. It starts with great photo opportunities, as you’re sure to find some of your favorite Disney characters walking down the street.

2. Be Sure Dine With World Famous Characters

One of the top reasons kids want to go to Disney World is to meet their favorite Disney characters. The problem visitors come across is that Disney characters can sometimes be quite elusive. The best way to catch them all in one place at the same time is to eat breakfast with them - Winnie-the-Pooh, Mickey and Sleeping Beauty will all be there.

They all like to go eat at the little diners that can be found throughout Walt Disney World. The only thing is you’ll have to make a reservation ahead of time since kids from all over the world are waiting for this opportunity - and reservations go fast.

3. You Simply Have to Ride the Monorail

The Monorail was built during the 1970s as a futuristic way to travel about the Magic Kingdom. It was a feat of engineering design back in those days. Its sleek cars circle around the park all day and night stopping near the park's many hotels. Not only does it travel around the Magic Kingdom it makes stops at EPCOT as well.

It is so much fun to ride around getting a bird’s eye view of the major parts of the park. One of the best things to behold during a Monorail ride are the bushes that have been carved into shapes of Disney characters.

4. Test Your Driving Skills at the Test Track

Every kid dreams of driving like Schumacher but most never get the chance, unless they take the opportunity of riding EPCOT’s Test Track. You can sit in a “car” and, using a state-of-the-art simulator you get to race around the track at top speeds. You can even do a series of safety tests.

As of recently, the whole Test Track has been overhauled, becoming even better than it was before. Now kids can take time to design their very own vehicles and afterwards try them out on the Test Track.

5. Take a Soarin' Adventure

Have your kids ever dreamt of flying a glider? IMAX offers the Soarin’ experience, which allows you and the kids to experience hang-gliding the futuristic way. This is a multi-sensory experience designed by IMAX that lifts you 40 feet up into the air, thereby allowing you to soar over the best of what California has to offer.

Soarin' will have you flying over hot-air balloon festivals, swooping down ski slopes and cruising over awesome coastlines. What you will see cannot adequately be put into words, which is why the ride has become quite popular among adults as well.

6. Go on a Great Kilimanjaro Safari

This experience is just like going on a real safari in Africa - you won’t even know the difference. You’ll be riding in an open air vehicle through Disney’s model of the savanna. You’ll see elephants, zebras and so much more - all real animals. It’s impossible not to be impressed by the amount of energy, time and money they put into this project.

For one of the world’s top attractions, it’s amazing how Disney World still manages to surpass expectations almost a half century after its founding. For children and adults alike, Disney World is an amazing trip! One that every family should take at least once!

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