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Challenge: Parenting Resolutions

6 Simple Stop And Start Resolutions For Connecting With Your Teen in 2016

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Maybe you are a little bit like me and find yourself looking at your son or daughter and feeling inept to give them what they need.

Sometimes it feels easier to assume our kids don't need us out of fear of failure. We are tempted to throw in the towel when we feel like we just can't finish our parenting game strong enough.

It's easy to feel discouraged and behind! There are ways we can all make changes with some direction and determination.

Stopping the things that weigh us down and start jumping in to the lives of our big kids is absolutely possible

They want to be heard.

They need to feel valued and cheered for.

They will be better off with guidance.

We get to pass on a legacy but we have to build it to pass it on!

We get 365 new days to strengthen our relationships and step into the world our kids live in.

There are things I need to stop immediately because they are not helpful.
There are things I can start today that can encourage, bring life, and build trust!

1. Stop dreading the growing up years and spending time worrying about whats next.

Start living your days on purpose with your teens.. Count the days that are left instead of checking off the days you've lived can help us make the most of the days we have left!

2. Stop comparing the purpose for your teens lives with others.

Start encouraging your kids to live out their specific calling and abilities and then cheer for them as they go through times of both celebration and disappointment.

3. Stop being consumed with social media and making whats happening with those that aren't in your life and prob never will be... more valuable than the people standing in your kitchen.

Start helping your teens get a grip on reality in social media circles. Opening their eyes to obsessing over following people they will never know is huge. Showing them how false identity can develop while trying to live the life of another can be so helpful to teens (and moms!).


4. Stop parenting all your kids the same and trying to make them fit into a one size fits all box.

Start finding focus for each of your teens and give attention to the individual needs they struggle with. Look for ways to bring out the unique qualities and personality quirks that make them awesome and unlike anyone else.

5. Stop shutting down conversations out of hurry.

Start valuing the process of talking things through with your kids, knowing that if they are talking to you - then your listening must matter.

6. Stop expecting perfection in your teens behavior, thinking, and choices.

Start remembering what kind of kid you were at 13, 16, or 18 and begin to extend some grace. Giving our kids the benefit of the doubt can go along way in building trust.


What are a few things you would love to stop and start as a parent this new year?

Cheers to taking on the New Year and reclaiming lost time with some simple, yet intentional resolutions.


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