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Challenge: Romance After Kids

5 Ways To Keep Romance Alive After Kids Arrive

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There are some couples that look happy like newlyweds even if they already had a couple of children. How is that possible? While every couple has its own ways and strategies, there are some activities that are in common for all of them. In case you’re expecting or already had a baby and noticed changes in your relationship, it is the right time to find a way to bring the sparkle back in your marriage. The text below will provide you with some of the most effective ways to keep romance even after kids arrive.

Never skip a date

Going on dates with your spouse was the time when you fall in love with each other, and it would be really bad if you’ve canceled that show. Keeping romance in marriage is much easier if you continue dating each other. A nice glass of wine and tasty dinner was a great receipt for love, so don’t stop the tradition after your kid arrived.

While family nights are great, you should try and find few hours weekly just for you two, to reconnect and relax from everyday routine. Take your kids to sleep, light up the candles, turn on the music and enjoy just with your spouse for a while.

Spoil each other rather than kids

Your kids don’t need to be spoiled, it would be really hard for them after they live the house. Instead of spoiling children, you can direct some extra attention to your partner. This is very healthy since the strong marriage makes a strong family.

Your relationship will provide your kids with a feeling of safety, and they’ll learn how to express love. Putting them before the partner could impact them in a negative way, and they’ll have a hard time getting along with partners in the future. Your kids need to see what is real love and how important partnership is.

Bring back the PDA

Public display of affection might be a little bit hard while you’re holding a baby or have a toddler climbing up your shoulders. Regardless of that, you should give your best to find a way to touch your partner as much as you can. Physical contact is crucial for the happy married life, so keep holding hands, dancing in the kitchen or hugging in front of the TV.

Of course, these opportunities will decrease once the kid is there, but is far from impossible. Always think about the great times while dating and how the whole world looked better while snuggling. You don’t even need to hide from kids when you want to show affection. This will be good for them since they’ll learn to express it to.

Don’t compete

Avoid playing the game called „who has it harder“. Yeah, being a parent is hard. It’s hard to be a mom and it’s hard to be a dad. Always keep in mind that you’re on the same team. When it comes to family, there’s no outcome where one partner wins and other loses. Don’t forget about that during the hardest periods. Instead to go down the competition path, choose to complement, support and encourage each other.

Practice the same parenting style

Another strategy which is very important to have a happy life and satisfied partner is to have the same approach while raising children. It is important to be a team so your kids won’t be able to turn you against each other. You are there to parent them, and not the opposite. Kids are very smart and will always keep finding loopholes. This can be avoided with the same parenting style, so give your best to team up and be confident about it.

Final thoughts

As mentioned above, parenting is very hard but that’s not the reason for surrender. These new responsibilities and tasks need to be accepted by both parents if their goal is to save the happiness. Every good marriage is filled with mutual respect, support, and understanding, so go ahead and keep your own in a perpetual state of happiness as well.

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