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5 Things that Annoy You When You Become a Mom

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5 Things That Annoy Moms - MomCo

Obviously becoming a mom is life-changing and is the best thing that will ever happen to you. However, there are some incredibly annoying things that moms need to deal with. At a MomCo Play Date the other day, we were talking about some things that annoy us as moms that we didn't know about before we became parents. These were some of my favorites:

1. Changing Crib Sheets
Changing sheets on a regular bed isn't fun, but changing sheets in a crib...that is enough to make you want to use a pack-n-play forever. Cribs have been around forever. So why haven't they come up with a better way to change the sheet on that little mattress yet?

2. Baby Clothes that Are Not Easy to Put On
As soon as you get pregnant, you start looking at all of the adorable baby clothes that are available. Between the baby shower and the purchases that you have made, your baby is set to be the best dressed baby on the block. You quickly realize how many times you have to change your baby throughout the day. Any clothes with buttons will end up sitting in your closet and only be used for special occassions. Those baby night gowns quickly became my favorites. Besides, the t-shirt and diaper look is "in" right?

3. Installing a Car Seat
Before you become a parent, you would have thought that a car seat would fit right into the car without any effort. This is definitely not the case. When you are done, 20 minutes has passed, you are sweating, definitely bruised and possibly bleeding, and you have absolutely mumbled (screamed?) a few expletives. You might as well purchase two seats (one for each car), because moving car seats from one car to the other is enough to put you over the edge.

4. Public Restrooms Without Changing Tables
Seriously...why? The worst is when your baby has a poopy diaper and you need to change him on the counter. You do it as quickly as possible and hope nobody walks in at that moment. All restrooms should have changing tables..period.

5. Noises that You Can't Control
Did you ever think that the sound of a garbage truck, the doorbell, a door shutting, a lawn mower, or a loud sneeze would turn you into a sobbing mess? Probably not...until you are a parent that just spent 30 minutes getting your child to fall asleep!

So you agree? Did we miss any?

5 Things That Annoy Moms - MomCo

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