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5 Reasons Cartoons are the Best Parenting Hacks

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Kids learn a lot from cartoons. (Heck, sometimes I do too.) Not only are they likable, but because they cater to children, they are relatable.

For example, Masha and the Bear is one of the most watched children’s cartoons in the world - on TV and on YouTube. It's not only a great show, but when it comes to building character, it's a great hack.

Why hack? Because kids don't realize they're learning while they're watching. It's perfect!


Cartoons, like Masha and the Bear and many others help shape our children's lives in so many ways.

1. Make the Trouble, Fix the Trouble.

While characters like Masha may get herself into some trouble, she always does her best to fix her own mess, but when she can’t, Bear is right there to show her the way.

In cartoons, children learn problem solving, plus the lesson that even when you mess up, your family and friends can help too.

2. The Acknowledgement of Annoyance.

Let’s face it – kids can be annoying. Sure you love your child, but there are days you just can’t even. Bear feels the same way about Masha, and there are times he goes to great lengths (like the moon for example) to get even five minutes of peace and quiet.

What parent hasn’t felt that same way? Sometimes, kids need a time out too. (The good kind of time out.) It's okay to have alone time and cartoons reinforce this thought.

3. Girl Power, Kid Power… even Magical Powers!

It seems like there is nothing characters in cartoons can't do - no matter their gender, size, species (there are a lot in cartoons), and color. This is so inspirational and motivating for kids to see.

I mean, have you seen what Dora the Explorer or Princess Elena can do?!

4. The Laughs.

Just like kids don't realize they're eating vegetables when you sneak them in their food, they don't realize they're learning... because they are laughing. Not only are they laughing, but some characters, like Masha, have pretty silly sounding laughs as well (which lead to even more giggles).

5. The Bear Hugs. Oh, the love. The most important thing kids can learn is how to understand and react to how they feel and how others feel. There are many cartoons on TV that teach this sentiment in every single episode.

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood is such a great cartoon with an amazing life hack in nearly every episode. (Plus, it takes me back to my old days with Mr. Rogers.)

Moms and dads, next time you turn on a cartoon, look for these hacks. If you don't see them, you're watching the wrong one. When you find them, you won't only be grateful, you will be reminded of some pretty amazing things... and learn a fun song or two.

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