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Challenge: Back to School 2021

A Few of My Favorite Things ... Podcast Edition

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2022 was the year I created the DO WIT podcast and the year I racked up A LOT of hours listening to other podcasts.

My favorite podcasts (listed below) helped me navigate heartbreak, business challenges, health issues, friendship setbacks, and more. But the number one thing


they all helped me with was making me feel less alone. I encourage you to check out the list below if you're feeling like you're the only one who is feeling ______ (fill in the blank). Trust me, you're not.

And thank you to the host, behind the scenes staff, and everyone involved in these podcasts. You all helped me navigate a tough year and made me realize just how beautiful my life adventure really is ... setbacks and all!

My Favorite Podcasts (in no particular order)

Mel Robbins - straight-talking, straight-shooting, covering allll the topics with heart, honesty, compassion, and love. I wish every teen would listen to THIS episode. Mel does a wonderful job sharing her life experiences in a way that makes me feel less alone on my journey. Her bite-size reminders give me the fuel I need to keep pursuing my passion and goals.

Lewis Howes - during one of my trips to Nashville, I listening to almost 2 episodes a day. Lewis tackles big topics and backs them with science. His ones with Joe Dispenza really got me into quantum leap meditating. Also, as someone who has done The Hoffman Process, I really loved THIS episode with Scooter Braun. The podcast is called School of Greatness and each episode feels like how I wish going to school felt like when I was growing up!

Smartless - miles have been covered listening to this podcast and laughing out-loud. Like deep belly laughing and sometimes even bending over laughing. I don't even know these guys (Sean Hayes, Will Arnett, Jason Bateman), but thanks to them some of my toughest days were made better because I hit "play" on their show. I'm almost jealous of the person who gets to start from the beginning - ENJOY. p.s. I'm concerned that if the day comes that I meet these guys I will fan-girl, cry, and want a group hug.

Absolutely Not - this is a more recent discovery thanks to my friend Alma. If the universe truly has my back it will make sure that one day I meet Heather McMahan so I can say "thank you" for the laughs, tears, relativeness, and giggles. Yesterday I listened to THIS episode and was in my feelings! On my list for 2023 is "go to Heather's show". Thank you Heather ... love and light.

Jillian On Love - I found Jillian on instagram awhile back and when she recently launched her podcast I became a quick fan. This is the podcast I wish I had in my 20s. Whew, I would have dated sooooo differently. Jillian has a kind, gentle, and no b.s. approach to giving advice and feedback. If you're thinking about going back to an ex this holiday season, listen to THIS first.

Lori + Chris Harder - so this recommendation is a little different, because I really enjoy both of their podcasts ... especially when they do joint episodes! Earn Your Happy is Lori's show and if you follow me on insta you've seen me recommend many of her episodes in my stories. Chris hosts The Chris Harder Show and if you're looking for someone who talks real-talk about $$$$, you've got to check him out.

Please give yourself the gift of listening to these podcasts during this holiday season. I guarantee you will laugh, learn, feel less alone, and get inspired for what's to come in 2023.

Happy listening!

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