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5 qualities that a good father must have to know

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Before the first child is born, both a father and a mother want to be the best or at least try to make their children happy and develop in a balanced way in all senses. But having children is not easy and education is not easy either. Actually, no parent has any clues about what education is like or how it should be for their children, but you can have some qualities to ensure that you are being a good parent and that you will be modeling your children correctly.

Parents have nothing to do with the authority figure-fear-of the past. Fortunately, there are many parents who begin to understand emotional intelligence, who know that life is horizontal alongside their partners and above all, they know that loving their children and educating them from love and respect is the most important thing first of all.

1. Be a kind and loving person

Life is not a straight path and we will always find curves and big slopes, but life is continuous learning. By the time the children are 10 years old, you will realize how short their children's childhood is. Therefore, you will always have to be a good refuge for your children; they should feel at ease and safe at your side like invention of new thing. This way your children will be able to trust you and be close to your side during any time in their life.

2. Be present and be balanced

You owe it to yourself, but also to your children. Children will learn that change is a good thing and should not be feared. When there are changes that must be made, even if they affect us, they are often to improve everyone's life, especially if the result is spending more time with the children. It is necessary to have the flexibility and adapt because in this way it will help you adapt to a new life that surely is full of changes. You do not have to be strict parents, so do not be overwhelmed when you see that things are not how you wanted them to be, have a positive attitude.

3. Learn from mistakes

To be good modeling for your children and following the previous point, it is very important that you learn from mistakes and that you maintain a good attitude to any adversity or to any failure you may have made in life. It is very important to always see the glass half full so that things happen in a positive way. Your children should learn that if things do not go well, it will be necessary to learn from it without needing repentance because mistakes will always be the best teachers.

4. Create a good team

It is necessary to remember that being a parent does not mean that there is a constant war between you and your children. You are learning how to create a united family. It really is not easy, but it is necessary to remember that we are all on the same team and your children will learn more about teamwork and to see that we all have our conflicts but that we try to solve them properly. This is what children will learn: good communication where empathy and assertiveness are the protagonists. You must teach your children to be decent people, with their flaws but is wonderful.

5. Be coherent

It is not a good idea to set a standard one day and the next day because you are too tired you prefer to skip it and be flexible, but on another day you set the same rule again and it is more severe. This is not the right thing. Children need coherence in their lives, and that coherence you should give it to you. Children need a predictable routine in their lives; they need their parents to keep their temper under control, to consciously apply the rules and to know well what cannot be negotiated-hurting animals, putting on their belts. Security, etc.-.

6. Be a good model of respect and patience

Of course, children need to live happily and freely. It is essential that you model them in important things, such as forgiveness, understanding, tolerance, and kindness, as well as respect. Your children will become adults and therefore, it is not only important to obey rules to learn.

Follow these qualities to become a good father.

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