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5 Parenting Apps to Become a Better Parent

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When you have kids your life becomes busy. You have to take care of them all the time, know what they are doing, keep them out of trouble, teach them good manners and be a good parent. All this is a lot of work and every parent loves t do all this but sometimes it buts out of control like when your baby won’t stop crying no matter what or when your kids leave home with their friends without telling you, for a parent these are the nightmares. Keeping all that in mind we have compiled a list of 5 Parenting Apps to Become a Better Parent and help you take care of your children more efficiently.

Find My Kids and GPS Tracker Pro

It is very dangerous nowadays with so many bad people roaming the streets to let your kid go out without an adult in a city. You can not be with them all the time but you can keep track of the neighborhood they are in and if they are safe or not. Find My Kids for iPhone and GPS Tracker Pro for Android are some of the great apps that you can use to find the location of your kids anytime you want. You will need to install it on your kid’s smart phone before you can track it. It is a great app to know the ware bouts o your kid any time of the day.


You are a parent and you know how easily you can get in a tight situation when your little one needs to use a bathroom. Kids are not adults and they can have these moments where they need to go to a bathroom right then. SitOrSquat is an app that will tell you all the public bathrooms nearby that you can use when you face this situation with your kid. You do not want to be one of those parents, who let their kids pee on the side of the road or in the bushes, it will send a wrong message to the kid too.

White Noise Baby

Infants are cute, they are at the best time of their lives for us and we get the joy of having a baby but wait for the moment when they start crying for no reason. You try feeding them, swinging them in your eyes, playing with them, giving them toys, try to distract their attention by making faces or noises but they do not stop. White Noise Baby is an app that has a lot of presets of the sounds that are soothing for a newborn and you can use to make your baby stop crying or go to sleep. White Noise Baby is backed with research studies which show that it is healthy to put babies to sleep with the rhythmic sounds.


If you are a concerned parent then you should be aware of the websites your kids surf. There is a lot of bad content out there on the internet that can ruin your kid’s behavior and lead hid to a bad path. You can control the websites he surfs using the SurfBalance app on their smart device. SurfBalance does not allow the browser to open the websites that are not supposed to be seen by kids such as graphic content, nudity etc. You can be assured that your child is not watching anything he is not supposed to on their smart phones or tablets when you are not looking.

Sex Offender Search

As a parent you can not go around with your kids everywhere they go such as they want to hang out with their friends or classmates, they do not want their parents to be with then, it’s lame. But you can’t let them go to a bad neighborhood too where they are unsafe and unguarded. Sex Offender Search lets you know all the registered sex offenders in the area so you can sure whether you want to send your kid there on their own or not.

Being a parent is no easy task, I hope these 5 Parenting Apps to Become a Better Parent help you take care of your child and keep them safe.

Note: Some of these apps are paid however you can still download them for free (obviously in case if you want) by using TutuApp store. Or maybe you can support the developer by paying full price, your choice :-)

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