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10 Essential Apps for New Parents for 2019 (and Expecting Ones)

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Have you just welcomed an angel at your home or expecting one? Wish to be fully prepared and provide the best of care, assistance, and everything to the baby? Here’re the apps that would help.


Becoming a parent is one of the sweetest transitions in life. Your whole day and night revolve around the cute angel and everything just changes. In a scenario like this, it can be nearly impossible to calm your head and perform all the tasks while ensuring your baby gets the uttermost care and love. Isn’t it so?

Well, not unless you have a smartphone.

Yes, you read it right. Regardless of how much we demonise a smartphone, it can be a great resource to bring harmony to your lives. A smartphone, equipped with mobile applications, can help you to manage everything in your life and live the best of being a parent and an individual.

Curious to know what type of apps these are? Which one is best to download today itself?

If so, stay tuned.

Here, in this article, we will talk about a handful of applications that every busy mom and dad can turn towards to provide better care and love:-

1. Baby Connect

Baby Connect is one of the best apps for parents to keep track of everything related to their baby - right from medical reports to new achievements. The mobile app also provides you with an option to record the first moments of your kid and schedule activities to ensure that you do not miss anything really important in the mid of thousands of tasks.

2. BabySparks

This app for new baby provides you with daily activities suggestions, tips, and more to help your kids meet all of their milestones - from crawling to walking, talking, studying, and beyond, and maintain a record of everything. Besides, the mobile application will also offer requisite support in terms of cognitive, sensory, speech, social-emotional development, etc.

3. What to Expect

This mobile application will guide you for the first two years of your baby with the right pieces of advice and personalized support related to anything and everything, including first bath, the need of playing pattycake, and more.

4. BabyCenter

If you need any kind of expert advice on anything related to pregnancy and parenting, this application is the best option for you. The app delivers you with a heap of information related to what’s right and what’s wrong when nurturing your kid and striving to provide them with ample of love and care.

5. SitterCity

SitterCity is the right platform to find and hire the right babysitter for your baby and enjoy a few moments of relaxation and enjoyment. The brand checks the background and qualifications of every person before portraying their profile in front of you and encouraging you to hire them - implying the application also cut down the hassle of verifying the background of the babysitter to ensure that your loved one is in the right hands.

6. Baby Night Light

Alike Ooly, Baby Night light is also one of the best gifts that healthcare app development companies have given to new parents. The mobile app turns your iOS devices into a singing night light with the availability of 14 cute animal designs, sweet lullaby and more. This aids you in taking your little one to dreamland on nights happily and give you the freedom to continue with your daily chores.

7. MyMedela

If you wish to know which baby app is best for tracking the child’s feeding, MyMedela is the right answer for you. This application provides you with the best nursing tips and product suggestions, along with the option to track key activities and growth. For example, you can easily log the time of diaper changes, feeding, sleeping, pumping, etc. and get the guidance of an expert in real-time.

8. Heal

Heal is another impressive application that can serve you with the right assistance in case of emergencies. The app helps you to connect with licensed doctors and bring them on your door so as to provide your child with the right care and treatment immediately. The app also accepts insurance from the top PPO insurance plans to help you cover the payment and relish other benefits.

9. Tiny Beans

Tiny Beans is the best newborn app to upload, save, and share private photos of your pregnancy and baby with limited people. The app, being available on both Android, iOS, and web both in free and paid versions, also provides you with amazing themes, filters and stickers to experiment with the looks of your toddler and add colour to the moment.

10. Pabobo

Last but not least, Pabobo is also an impressive application to download today itself. The app has a warm glow and the best collection of soothing lullabies to provide the best comfort and sleep to your angel. It also has a timer and noise detection indicator that helps you to get an idea of when your baby is awake or crying, even when not around.

So, these were some of the best-recommended apps for new parents that you can install on your devices right now. Hope you find it helpful!

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