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Top 5 Parenting Apps You Must Use

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As a parent, you know how hard it is to raise a child. But nowadays everything changed due to smartphones, and we can do anything with the help of a smartphone. So why not use a smartphone to make a parent's life more comfortable.

With more than 6000 android apps releasing everything, it's a difficult task to search and extract the best parenting apps for you. But don't worry, we make it easier for you. We list down the top 5 best apps for a parent should use for his children.

1. Baby Connect: Activity Log:

Baby Connect is the best app for parents with newborns. Anyone having a newborn baby at home knows how hard it can be to keep up with feeding times, changing times, sleep routines, etc. All of this information can easily within the Baby Connect application. In addition, all of your data is automatically backed up to their web application, so if you lose your device, you can restore your old backup.

2. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi app helps you to keep you and your family completely organized. Even though the app has some functioning issues, but it's still a wonderful tool to use to stay on top of things and keep your family organized.

3. WebMd

When your child isn’t feeling well, it can be a terrifying experience. WebMD is the best application to use when you need to diagnose and treat common health issues of your child and discover useful information about important health matters. Simply search for any symptom and WebMD can provide you with helpful information.

4. Find My Kids

Whenever you lost your child for some time, then it's a tough time for parents. Therefore, there is no other app more important than one that will tell you where you can find your child at any given moment. Find My Kids is the best locator app available. Using Google Maps in real-time, Find My Kids makes it easy to track your little ones and make sure they are safe.

5. Where am I

If you are planning for an outing with your child, you must tell him about where am i app. It helps you to track your child and shows location with latitude and longitude. Your child can also share his location with you easily by using this app.

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