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4 Steps to Stimulate Creativity & Quiet Your Mind

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Many parents (like me!) have trouble slowing down their thoughts whether they are flooded with constant reminders, nonstop to-do lists, relentless self-imposed stresses, or a combination of all of these. This problem of having a brain that simply wont shut off not only can give you sleep and health issues from continuous stress, but can also squelch creativity.

The perfect playing ground for creative thoughts to stew is that of a blank mind. A mind that is not over crowded by distractions has space for outstanding notions. Every-day qualms and responsibilities act as roadblocks when embarking on a creative journey.

So, how do you craft this glorious clean slate? Here is how to calm your child's mind in 4 simple steps:

1. The early bird gets the worm.

It may be hard to believe, but the calmest state of the brain is when it is not fully awake for the day. Most creativity tends to flow early in the morning. Once your day has begun, it is almost impossible to completely clear your head of tedious thoughts.

Also, if you or your kids sleep-in late on the weekends, it can disrupt your circadian rhythm, making it hard to get on track.

2. Comfort is key.

When striving for inspiration, a private setting in which you feel at ease is crucial. One that is quiet, peaceful, and away from anything that may distract you is ideal. Make sure you are physically comfortable as well. Cozy up with your favorite tea by the fireside.

3. Purify and activate your energy system.

When we look after our energy systems we look after our deepest needs, including the physical, emotional and spiritual. A healthy diet, physical exercise and lots of sleep and relaxation are essential to having a healthy energy system.

Yoga will help with this greatly! The deep twists and cleansing powers of the breathing techniques will help you to detox and reset your systems in the body. The first time you try yoga can be intimidating, but there are some great "yoga for beginners" resources and instructional videos online.

4. Just relax.

Sit in an upright position. Use your breathing to calm yourself and erase any tension that you may be holding throughout your body. Follow your breathing while ridding your mind of any distracting thoughts.

Many people have different techniques when it comes to meditation. Practice and try new ways of mediation daily. It may take time to figure out what method works the best for you, but with time comes peace of mind.

Just 5 minutes of "mental wellness" each day can help!

As a parent I find that it's hard to do anything well when off-balance. Taking just a few minutes a day to clear your mind with these tips can make you a lot more creative and efficient!

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