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Turning My Creative Outlet into a Business: A Process

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As a working mother of two who has an aptitude for creativity, there didn’t seem to be enough time to pursue my creative outlets. A desire to fulfill my creative tendencies grew into a plan to combine my passion for drawing and design to my work. From there the development of my business, Utopia Walk In Tubs, began.

Choosing the creative path was a decision I made to take advantage of the many benefits creativity holds. The simple meaning of creativity is to grow. When we take the time to expand ourselves, life takes a more interesting and fulfilling turn. What the use of creativity means for you to launch your hobby as a business is materializing a ground-breaking concept.

You’re probably wondering how one conjures up the innovative ideas that can transfer into becoming a business. Here is where my constant moving, on the go life, where time seems so limited, actually benefits me.

If you’re as busy as I am during the day, your focus is always occupied by the task at hand. Staying busy throughout the day will ultimately tire you and your mind by the end of the day. When you’re tired your brain loses the ability to focus deeply on anything.

Take advantage of these moments where your mind is at ease. The lack of focus makes room for new thoughts to appear in the forefront of your brain. This surfacing is important because one of these new thoughts could be your next business breakthrough.

Quieting your mind at some point of the day is a necessary strategy to spark your creativity. Your brain will finally have the capacity to be stimulated by the outside world to be inspired for new ideas. The resting mind technique is what I used to inspire the start and the continuing design aspect of my business, Utopia Walk In Tubs.

As I said earlier, I’m a mother of two and a business operator, which keeps me constantly moving. Being a working mother kept me on the run, which inevitably tired me out by the end of the day. When my energy was low, my mind had time to rest.

During this resting period, my creativity was stimulated. Now that my business is up and running, I still use the technique to improve operations. Along with bringing out new designs for my tubs and showers to keep my products fresh.

Making time and making sure that time is well spent is important when you use your creativity to inspire new business ideas. The next step is to start creating, which will be different for everyone depending on what type of business you are starting. What everyone can benefit from though to make their creative dream come true is confidence.

Confidence in your ability to create is a key player in your delivery of your intension. Bringing the highest level of certainty into every step towards your goal will produce the highest quality of outcome. Believe that the hard work you put into bringing your ideas to life will get you to your destination.

Turning a creative outlet into a business can be challenging but taking your business in the creative direction is a decision you’ll never regret. Creativity is the driving force for the success of my business. Without it, my business would have been at a stand-still and not where it is today.

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