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30 Reasons that I Love My Husband

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reasons that i love my husband

I am admittedly VERY lucky to have such a wonderful man for a husband. Sometimes I go way too long without letting him know how much I appreciate him, & simply writing this post reminded me of how much he does for our family.

At this stage in our marriage, there are typically not grand gestures, fancy dinners, or expensive gifts. Things have a more practical, down to earth, partnership type of feel; & it is wonderful :) The small things that my husband does on a daily basis help keep our relationship & our family running smoothly, which is much more valuable than any piece of jewelry.

Taking the time to write down a similar list about your own husband may be a powerful reminder of why you chose to spend the rest of your life with person :)

  1. He always let me choose – which restaurant to go to, what we watch on TV, or what activities we attend.
  2. He supports me whole-heartedly & believes in me.
  3. He runs errands and goes grocery shopping.
  4. He is very motivated & will do anything that he sets his mind to.
  5. He takes care of the boys without ever complaining – even though I complain to him.
  6. He puts our boys to bed & handles nightshift.
  7. He gets our son ready for school & drives him there every morning.
  8. He works long hours to provide for our family.
  9. He lets things roll off his back.
  10. He lets me be right.
  11. He can hold a conversation with anyone he meets.
  12. He is like a pied piper when it comes to kids on the playground.
  13. He plays all the active games with our boys – wrestling, tag, etc.
  14. He never expects a clean house or dinner on the table, but shows appreciation when it does happen.
  15. He understands that sometimes at the end of a long day with the boys I just need some space.
  16. He volunteers at church & in our community.
  17. He stands up for what he believes in without being abrasive.
  18. He likes spoiling me & the boys.
  19. He knows a lot, & whatever he doesn’t know, he is willing to learn.
  20. He is very loyal & cherishes his loved ones.
  21. He is always up for anything.
  22. He is tough and resilient, except when he’s a softie.
  23. He is respected by his peers.
  24. He has high goals for himself and our family.
  25. He has achieved a lot by the age of 30.
  26. He does dishes regularly & will help out whenever I ask.
  27. He gives great advice, but also lets me vent when I need to.
  28. He loves our boys to pieces.
  29. He is handsome.
  30. He chose me to be by his side for the rest of his life.


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