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Challenge: Dads Got This

This dad has to be a superhero.

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My husband does all the things, as should every father and husband.

My husband always changed diapers.

My husband burped our babies.

My husband always wipes butts, because he knows I can't stand it.

My husband gives baths.

My husband reads bedtime stories.

My husband does the laundry.

My husband does the dishes.

My husband sweeps the floors.

My husband does things that wouldn't get done if he didn't do them, like taking out the garbage. Not because I refuse to do it, but because he will never accept me doing it. My husband believes that as long as he's around, I should never have to take out the garbage.

My husband cherishes me, he is thoughtful beyond comprehension.

My husband treats our daughter like a queen, always telling her she deserves nothing less.

My husband is always teaching our boys kindness, teaching them respect, because our world is lacking.

My husband is always ready to lend a helping hand as soon as he gets home from a long day at work. Always encouraging me to have time to myself. Always encouraging me to go get my mani and pedi.

My husband willingly takes 3 kids with him to the grocery store so they can get a change of scenery; to me, thats a suicide mission.

My husband is willing, he always is.

My husband is present, he is the husband you want to have.

My husband is a father that will run around and wrestle with the kids after being on his feet for 10 hours.

My husband is a great example of how I want to raise my boys.

A devoted father; a loving husband.

A present man, because nowadays, this man is rare to find.

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