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3 Tips to Throw an Unforgettable Birthday Party for Your Kids

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Throwing a birthday party for your kid is a great and fun occasion but in all honesty, it can also be a very tiring and challenging experience. Still, the fact that all parents want their kids to have a blast doesn’t change. In that respect, a lot of preplanning and organizational skills are required. Remember, if you schedule all the tasks appropriately and foresee possible difficulties in advance, there will be less stress involved for you.


Parties for babies and toddlers

When it comes to throwing a birthday party for a really young child, you don’t really have to think of any kid-oriented activities. First birthdays are usually organized for adult family members and friends. This means that your main responsibility is to respect your child’s habits for napping and eating and make sure that they have fun. On the other hand, toddler parties are a bit different. Usually, you should organize a separate space for adults and kids. It’s important that you start inviting other kids to your child’s birthday party as soon as they’re two years old. That way, they’ll get used to their peers and socialize more. Of course, toddler birthday parties require a lot more than kid appropriate food and drinks. So, make sure that you have a ton of games and toys in store for them so that no one gets moody or cranky. Also, there should always be an adult present to keep them safe.


From preschool to fourth grade

Every age will bring something different for your birthday party preparations. But, in general, from their preschool age till around fourth grade, kids absolutely love themed parties. Therefore, don’t let this tip slip your mind. Of course, you should always pay attention to your child’s likes and interests and how they change over time. This is essential for a proper surprise theme party. On the other hand, if you’re not quite sure about the theme, don’t be reluctant to openly ask your child what it is that they want.

Theme parties actually require a lot of your time and effort put into preparations so you have to start thinking about all the necessities at least two months before the birthday date. Since it is a theme party, you most definitely need to coordinate the décor, cake, cutlery, plates, glasses, invitations, etc. If you want to make things even more interesting, getting some masks and costumes for the invited children is a good idea. Of course, remember to notify their parents about the theme of the party as well, especially if it involves the change of clothes. The younger the kids, the more games you should prepare. If they’re far from preschool age, you won’t really need to plan all the games for them, but some big event such as a magic show, bouncing castle or nerf wars are expected.


Parties for older kids

As they get older, children find great appeal in adult-like stuff. Therefore, it’s no wonder that older kids openly ask for dance parties and similar get-togethers for their birthdays. There’s nothing to worry about when the time for such requests comes – it’s perfectly natural. Actually, you can throw a dance birthday party pretty easily. Since you’ll have to arrange the music, make sure to talk with your kids about their preferred choice of songs. Include them in other tasks as well, such as buying specific balloons and other decorative bits and pieces for the party. Allow them to choose their own birthday outfit but always be there to offer some good advice. With their favorite tunes, a darkened room with a funky disco ball as well as glow in the dark party cups, hats and silly eyeglasses, this party will be an absolute blast. Still, even if they’re older, kids need to have proper supervision, so don’t be too hasty with leaving them on their own.

Unless your child is still a baby or toddler, you should pay great deal of attention to actually including your child into perfect party planning. Since it is a day entirely dedicated to them, they should have a say in how things should be done, or at least about certain aspects that interest them most. If they feel appreciated in such a way, not only will you be able to throw them an unforgettable birthday party, but you’ll also strengthen the bond between you even more.

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