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25 Minute To Win It Games For Teens – Ton Of Fun, GUARANTEED!

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Since the show’s pilot season of “Minute To Win It”, people have been made to do very challenging (yet not impossible) tasks with the incentive of a cash prize and major bragging rights. Inspired by the popularity of Minute To Win It, we have compiled a list of the top minute to win it games for teens that are awesome and can easily setup and play during any functions and parties.

This game is appealing to teenagers as the edge-of-your-seat type of broadcast is more than enough to get them thinking. Minute To Win It uses the simple mechanisms of physics, gravity, geometry, and other simple sciences and maths in order to come up with their challenges.

Game Setup and Rules


These minute to win it games for teens are simple to set up, budget friendly and filled with fun activities. All these games are very easy to play either alone, in a pair, or in a team and only have 1 simple rule - complete the challenge within 60 seconds and you win!

Another way to play is to pick a few games from the list and allocate point for each completed challenge (i.e., 10 points for each completed task.) The more points the person/group accumulate, win the game.

For your ease of reading, we have written a summary for each of these mini games and the rules to play and win. There is also a tutorial video in case you need more information. We have compiled a list of the best Minute To Win It games for teens. Check them out below.

Minute To Win It Games For Teens

Spin Doctor

This game seems easy on the blueprint but requires intense concentration, precision, and just the right amount of force as the player uses the tip of his finger to stop 10 spinning coins, so they remain upright.


The person that stop 10 coins and remain upright within 60 seconds win the game.

By A Thread

Most games on the minute to win it have some element of patience required in order to achieve success but this game which requires a very steady hand to thread 10 needles with descending eyelet sizes will need the ability to stay calm in a very high-pressure situation.


With a time of just 60 seconds to complete the task, contestants need to thread each needle in less than 10 seconds to win the game.


Mentos mint candy and soda react when mixed and this game aims to achieve that exact reaction. When the mint successfully drop into the soda, it will make the soda to burst out from the bottle, hence the name Volcano.


A player will stand on an elevated surface and will have to drop a single mint into the small opening of a soda bottle. If the reaction is achieved within 60-seconds, the player wins the game.

The Chandelier

You never know what lessons you just might get from games and the chandelier is the perfect example of that. Testing a person’s capability for estimation, balance and control the chandelier by minute to win it looks simple but is tougher than it seems.


In 60 seconds, you will need to create an inverted chandelier up to five levels starting with one soda-can topped with a paper plate, followed by two soda cans and so on.

Caddy Stack

Caddy Stack is a precision game where the players will have to analyze golf balls and the ball dimples. A golf ball will need to be leaning on its tiny dimple in order to remain stable, and three golf balls need to be stacked on one another to win the game.


With 60 seconds play time, a player will have only 20 seconds to analyze carefully and perfectly place each golf ball on top of one another. This game is indeed one of the toughest minute to win it games for teens to score a point.

Speed Eraser

Speed Eraser is all about utilizing the rubber end of a pencil and making it bounce against a surface and land into a glass.

In a game like this, the very thing that is supposed to help you succeed (the rubber on the pencil) is also the thing that makes you fail as the pencil length is the biggest difficulty and disadvantage here.

This ironic combination makes for awesome gameplay.


With 60 seconds play time, a player has to bounce a pencil into a glass and win the game.

Elephant March

This game uses combinations of momentum, accuracy, and timing as the player wears pantyhose over his head fitted with a ball at the end. After that, he is supposed to knock over bottles on both sides one after the other and in perfect order.


Within a minute, the player has to knock down all the 8 bottles and win the game.

Stack Attack

Stack Attack is very similar to the stacking cups that you can get at a toy store and that some children use in competitions. The difference is that these cups are made of standard plastic.

You might think stacking cups is easy-peasy but when the stack gets that high, balance and precision will be an issue especially with cups this lightweight.


Within a minute, the player has to stack the cups into a pyramid shape and deconstruct the cups back into a tower of cups in order to win the game.

This Blows

This is one of the few games in the minute to win it games for teens where physically fit, or in this case a powerful lung, is an advantage.


The player will have 60 seconds to blow up a balloon and use the air to tip cups over. The player are allow to re-blow the balloon until all the cups are tipped over. A word of cautious, this game can be very exhausting.

Rapid Fire

If you are an shoot accurately, then this game should be a breeze. Rapid fire is played by tipping over cans that have been stacked much like the carnival game.

Unlike in a carnival where you are given an airgun to shoot, in this game, you will have to use rubber bands instead.


Players get an unlimited amount of rubber bands and need to use a combination of speed and force. Within 60 seconds, you have to shoot down all the 6 soda cans. Careful! don't snap the rubber band at your fingers. Ouch!

Keep the Change

Derived from the magic act where a tablecloth is pulled right out from under the cutlery, and everything stays intact!

Keep the change requires fast hands to swipe a dollar bill out from under a coin stack which is balanced on the rim of a glass and making sure the coins stay balanced after that.

This game is one of the hardest minute to win it games for teens, and one of the most frustrating too.


Within 60 seconds, the player have to swipe the dollar bill out from under a coin stack without toppling the coins.


This is one of those games that might just be more entertaining for the audience then it is challenging for the players. Bobblehead is played by attaching pedometers to the forehead and making movements, so the number reaches 200.


This game is played in pairs so you would only have to reach 100 moves each. Not only the youngster but the older folks are welcome to join in too. This game sure guarantees tons of laughter.

Penny Hose

Penny hose is a game of skill and dexterity where two coins will be dropped at the end of each leg of pantyhose, and the player will have to retrieve them both with each hand working independently from each other. Sounds simple, huh? Just watch the tutorial video and you will see even those big guys are struggling hard to reach the coins. Lol!


The player that reaches and retrieve both coins inside the pantyhose within 60 seconds win the game.

Wet Ball

This game is all about keeping it cool when under pressure. Players will be given a spray bottle filled with water, and their aim is to guide a floating balloon towards a waste bin by using only the spray.

With too much moisture on the balloons surface, it could crash so this game tests patience and needs a cool head not to go full force G.I Joe on the balloon. Best play it outdoor unless you want your hall goes wet.


The aim of the game is to guide a floating balloon towards a waste bin by using only the water spray. Complete the task within 60 seconds win the game.


Tipsy is a great game for teaching the elements of physics as players are required to balance a soda can on its tiny beveled edge.

The tricky part about this game is that the soda can is given to players full and is impossible to balance when either full or empty. So besides the element of patience to get the can to balance, players also need to estimate the amount of liquid required in the container.

In term of difficulties, this is one of the hardest in minute to win it games for teens.


The goal is to balance 3 soda cans to win the game.

Sticky Balls

This game is also about physics and gaining just the right amount of momentum as players roll standard glass marbles across a tabletop to stick on double sided tape at the edge of the tabletop.


The marble has to travel at the right speed to be able to stick to the double sided tape or else it will roll over and drop. The player has the most marble stick within 1-minute win.

Nimble Thimble

This is a game of accuracy similar to speed eraser but with a substantially smaller margin. The game might look simple but to complete the task within 60 seconds ain't going to be easy.


Glass marbles need to be bounced into thimbles that are only 15 millimeters in diameter, and this needs to be done six times. That’s just 10 seconds of time per thimble. The one with most filled up thimble win.

High Roller

Of all the minute to win it games for teens, this is the hardest to get it right. High roller is all about using centrifugal force as the player spins dice in a cup and attempts to stack 4 dice three times in one minute.

The tricky thing about this game is that centrifugal force will be harder to achieve because the objects are not round. Any teenagers that manage to get this done should be given a big hand of applause!


When the player manages to stack the 4 dices into a 1 stack of dice within 60 seconds win the game.

Junk In The Trunk

Junk in the trunk requires skill even without using sight. An empty tissue box is strapped onto the the back with five ping pong balls inside. Start shaking and empty the box fast!


The point of the game is to let all the balls out by shaking, jumping, or whatever it is you have to do as long as you don’t use your hands before 60 seconds is up.

Chocolate Unicorn

This is another game that requires a steady hand throughout pressure. A player will be given seven ding dongs (chocolate snacks), and they will have to stack one on top of the other on their forehead and keep them balance so they hold and don’t fall.


The player that stack the 7 chocolate snacks first win the game.

Face the Cookie

Face the cookie seems easy when you first see it, then you realize just how hard it is because this game does not allow to use any part of the body except your face.

What is the best cookie to use for this game? Oreo of course! :-D


A cookie will be placed on the players’ forehead, and they have to use their facial muscles to move it towards their mouth and eat it. The person eat first win the game.

Noodling Around

This would have been an easy game if linguini pasta wasn’t so fragile. You will need just the right amount of pressure here as a single pasta is placed in the mouth and used to thread five pieces of penne pasta in a row without any of them falling out or without the linguini breaking.


The first contestant that get 5 pieces of penne pasta in a row wins the game.

Johnny Apple Stack

Apples are all unique, much like fingerprints, with no two exactly alike. In this game, the player needs to use the unique grooves of each apple and stack five on top of each other.


The stack needs to hold for at least three seconds on its own to win the game. Remember, you have only 1-minute to complete this challenge. This game is one of the best games to test the youngster patient and persistent to accomplish the task.

Play It By Ear

In this game, the player needs to listen to eight soda cans filled with various amounts of pennies and arrange them in order from the least amount to the most. This is an appealing game as one of the best minute to win it games for teens as it is easily imitated at home and uses guesstimating by hearing and also weight.


The person that get the nearest correct guess wins the game. Remember, each person has 60 seconds to get this task complete.

Scary Cherry

Three cherries will be hung on a long piece of string, and the player needs accuracy in gaining enough momentum to use his breath to blow and fling the cherry into his mouth and eat it. This game forces the player to exercise control as you cannot go past a certain area.


The person that manage to eat all 3 cherries win the game.

Get Ready To Party

Minute to win it games are perfect for learning patience, teamwork, and even some educational elements, but they are also plain fun. Our list of the best minute to win it games for teens are a great way for the whole family to enjoy! We also have a list of the minute to win it games for younger kids that you can prepare for them too! Check it here.

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